1. Open the zip and copy the plugin and folder into your plugins folder, then restart the server.

2. (Optional) If you want the boss bar (Only for 1.8!) then install BossBarAPI, then set enableBossBar to true in your config.

3. Edit the configs and pick the enabled worlds, mobs, and drops.

4. Do /im reload

Here is an example config:

#Chance is the chance that a mob will not be infernal, the lower the number the higher the chance. (min 1)
#Enabledworlds are the worlds that infernal mobs can spawn in.
#Enabledmobs are the mobs that can become infernal.
#Loot is the items that are dropped when an infernal mob dies. (You can have up to 64)
#Item is the item, Amount is the amount, Durability is how damaged it will be (0 is undamaged).
#nameTagsLevel is the visibility level of the name tags, 0 = no tag, 
#1 = tag shown when your looking at the mob, 2 = tag always shown.
#Note, if you have name tags set to 0, on server restart all infernal mobs will turn normal.
#If you want to enable the boss bar you must have BarAPI on your server.
#nameTagsName and bossBarsName have these special tags: <mobLevel> = the amount of powers the boss has.
#<abilities> = A list of about 3-5 (whatever can fit) names of abilities the boss has.
#<mobName> = Name of the mob, so if the mob is a creeper the mobName will be "Creeper".
chance: 100
  '3': 1
  '4': 1
  '5': 1
  '6': 1
  '7': 1
namePrefix: '&fInfernal'
  '3': '&fMad'
  '4': '&fRabid'
  '5': '&fGiant'
  '6': '&fKing'
  '7': '&fInfernal'
nameTagsLevel: 1
nameTagsName: '&f<prefix> <mobName>'
bossBarsName: '&fLevel <mobLevel> &f<prefix> <mobName>'
enableBossBar: true
  defaultColor: "PURPLE"
  defaultStyle: "SOLID"
      color: "RED"
      style: "SEGMENTED_6"
      color: "RED"
      style: "SEGMENTED_12"
      color: "RED"
      style: "SEGMENTED_20"
      color: "RED"
      style: "SEGMENTED_10"
      color: "GREEN"
      style: "SEGMENTED_6"
enableScoreBoard: true
showHealthOnScoreBoard: true
effectAllPlayerAttacks: true
enableParticles: true
enableDeathMessages: false
- '&cplayer &chas killed an mob&c!'
- '&cAn mob &cwas slain by player&c!'
- '&cplayer &cowned an mob&c!'
- '&cAn mob &cwas beheaded by player&c''s weapon!'
- '&cplayer&c''s weapon &ckilled an mob&c!'
- '&cAn mob &cwas killed by player &cusing a weapon&c!'
enableSpawnMessages: false
spawnMessageRadius: 64
- '&cAn Infernal mob has spawned near you!'
- '&cWatch out!'
- '&cYou hear a faint scream...'
- '&cSomething is coming...'
- '&cYou hear a mob nearby...'
- <all>
- Chicken
- PigZombie
- Zombie
- Skeleton
- Spider
- CaveSpider
- Creeper
- Witch
- Enderman
- Pig
- Slime
- LavaSlime
- Wolf
- Ghast
- Giant
- SilverFish
- Blaze
- Squid
- WitherSkeleton
poisonous: true
armoured: true
blinding: true
withering: true
tosser: true
thief: true
quicksand: true
bullwark: true
rust: true
sapper: true
1up: true
cloaked: true
ender: true
ghastly: true
lifesteal: true
sprint: true
storm: true
webber: true
vengeance: true
weakness: true
berserk: true
explode: true
potions: true
mama: true
molten: true
archer: true
necromancer: true
firework: true
gravity: true
flying: true
mounted: true
morph: true
mamaSpawnAmount: 3
vengeanceDamage: 6
berserkDamage: 3
moltenBurnLength: 5
gravityLevitateLength: 6
horseMountsHaveSaddles: true
armouredMountsHaveArmour: true
  red: 255
  green: 10
  blue: 10
- lavaSpark:1:10
mountFate: nothing
- Spider
- MushroomCow
- Cow
- Sheep
- Pig
- EntityHorse
- Slime
- Ghast
- PigZombie
- Skeleton
- Zombie
- Witch
- Creeper
- SnowMan
- Blaze
- Enderman
- WitherSkeleton
- Wolf
- MushroomCow
- Cow
- Sheep
- Pig
- Chicken
- Ozelot
- EntityHorse
#The min/max amount of powers that a mob will get.
#NOTE: the amount of enabled powers must not be less than the maxpowers.
#healthMultiplier is what number the infernal mobs health will be multiplied by.
#If you have healthByPower enabled then healthMultiplier and healthByDistance will do nothing.
#dropChance is the chance a dead mob will drop loot, the lower the higher the chance (min 1)
#xpMultiplier is what the normal xp a mob drops will be multiplied by.
#healthByDistance makes mobs HP go up as you go further from the world spawn.
#Every addDistance blocks the mobs will get healthToAdd times how far they are HP.
minpowers: 3
maxpowers: 7
healthMultiplier: 4
healthByPower: false
healthByDistance: false
powerByDistance: false
healthToAdd: 5
addDistance: 200
powerToAdd: 1
enableDrops: true
dropChance: 1
xpMultiplier: 8
enableFarmingDrops: true
naturalSpawnHeight: 0

Chance is a 1 in the number you put chance, so if chance is 5 its a 1 in 5 change, ect.

For more enchantments see this list:


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