Mob Spawning causes errors #114

  • _ForgeUser7889077 created this issue Jan 2, 2018

    Good day, i get the following errors in console when i try to manually spawn in a mob and when they spawn automatically.

    i've looked through all the other tickets that was posted and still no luck.

    i've gotten to the point where i can spawn in loot and the effects work.

    Mcmmo is installed, but i have tried it without(and without any other plugin installed) and also no luck

    Bossbar is disabled

    Running spigot-1.12.1-20170809a


    Errors when mobs are spawned in:




    Thank you


    EDIT: Infernal Mobs Spawn naturally but i still get errors if i spawn them in with /im spawn spider

  • _ForgeUser7889077 edited description Jan 2, 2018
  • _ForgeUser7889077 edited description Jan 2, 2018

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