a plugin that allows you to create infinite dispensers that don't discard any extra info like in fireworks. iDispenser

Why use this plugin tho?

well a lot of other infinite dispenser plugins only dispense pure items(eg: the ones that use signs) so items with no enchantments and items with no damage values and things like that. now say you want to put on a firework display but one of these other plugins doesnt allow custom fireworks and it ends up being boring and no one will watch. with this plugin as long as the enum name of the item is in the whitelist and the item is in the dispenser it will infinitely dispense. Or if you want to let your users use infinite dispensers but don't want them to be able to dispense everything infinitely.

permission nodes





/idispenser(look at a dispenser and if its not infinite already it will make it infinite if it is infinite it will make it not infinite)

/additem(adds an item to the list of infinitely dispensible items) warning must use item id

/delitem(deletes an item off the list of infinitely dispensible items) warning must use item id

/getitems(displays a list of infinitely dispensible items)


v3: Fixed the not saving bug :).

v3: Dispensers now get removed from the dispensers file if they get broken.

v4: Fixed added and deleted items not saving on command.

v5: Switched to enum name whitelist.

v5: You now hold the item you wish to add to the whitelist and type /additem rather than specifying item ID.

Changed license to public domain.

Please Note(version 4.0 and down)

Using damage values when adding items will result in errors, you don't need to add damage values just add the id EG: for spawning zombies don't put /additem 383:54 put /additem 383. sorry about that.

Video tutorial

Video tutorial kindly provided by (Thanks!).

Github source!


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