Individual Holograms

~ Adds 100+ updating placeholders e.g. {money} to popular hologram plugins such as HoloAPI. You can also add your own placeholders.

This is still being worked on! (see videos for current progress)

This is a fork of my other project ISP


- Many more placeholders to be used in holograms
- Hologram information will auto-update
- Use simple scripting to add your own placeholders
- Or add your own auto-updating placeholders using the API


This plugin requires the several other plugins to function correctly:
- Vault (used for permissions, economy and chat integration)
- ProtocolLib (Not required if you use HoloAPI)
- 1 of the hologram plugins listed below

[Hologram Plugins]

HoloAPI #224+ (wiki link)

(HoloAPI allows for many more features)
- HolographicDisplays


/ih reloadreload the config for the pluginindividualholograms.reload
/ih saveSave any variables for IHindividualholograms.reload
/ih listLists the placeholdersindividualholograms.list
/ih enableenabled a disabled placeholderindividualholograms.enable
/ih enabledisables a placeholderindividualholograms.disable
Create a hologram on deathindividualholograms.deathhologram

Please refer to HoloAPI for additional hologram permissions


- {player}
- {world}
- {x}
- {y}
- {z}
- {lvl}
- {exp}
- {money}
- Click here for a detailed list.
- Click here for information on scripting.

Video Tutorial by [someone?]

~ Want your video here?

Useful links:

- Developer API

- Other Video Examples

- Individual Holograms on GitHub

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