1.5.2-R0.1 [R2]


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    Jun 6, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.5.2-R0.1


#2771(Beta) R1 -> #2771 (Beta) R2

  • Added Support for permissions, currently only basic ones supported, more in the future. Read this for the current permissions.
  • Renamed Upper to Above, Lower to Below, World.SyncTimeWith to World.SynchronizeWith, Above.Teleport.SafeGlass to Above.Teleport.Platform, General.TickTaskTime to General.TaskWaitTime, General.PositionPrediction to General.PredictPosition# and General.OverlapTriggers to World.OverlapEvents(Now per-world setting).
  • Inception now generates the configurations instead of extracting them. This way we prevent any problems with Java installations tha
  • Made Inception generate hardcoded default configuration files, which makes it easier to add new nodes later on.
  • WorldHandler is now selfcontained and no longer creates more class instances.
  • WorldHandler is now modular and selectively registers EventHandlers, instead of having all of them listening in.
  • Fixed Inception not being able to properly overlap some blocks, due to the way CraftBukkit spawns the events (works by delaying the overlapping TaskWaitTime ticks).

Important: This build contains a bug that can be abused by malicious players.

Use R3 over this, as it fixes a few issues.

UpdateNotifier enabled!

#2754 (Beta) R3 -> #2771 (Beta) R1

  • inception update and inception configuration are not yet implemented, so their permissions are currently useless.
  • Text on a sign, Inventories from Chests/Dropper/Dispenser/Hopper/TrappedChest and some more interactions are not yet mirrored across worlds.
  • Anvils currently do not work well with overlapping and will not disappear when falling and will also not mirror damagestates across worlds.
  • "Caching" of blocks that are overlapped is not yet implemented, but is planned for a future Release version.
  • PreventFalldamage is currently broken, wait for next version or read this ticket.