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Ok so This plugin IS in fact Praecantatio I have taken up the development on this plugin after Omnicrash has decided to move onto bigger and better things. So here it is. I do have Omnicrash's blessing to do this.

Whats In It

Features: - Cast spells by typing them in chat - Inscribe spells in your spellbook for easy access (any book) - Make spells more powerful by adding an exclamation mark or typing it in caps - Make spells even more powerful by adding 'magna' in front of the


Casting: Level 1 cast: Simply type the spell. ex.: fulmen

Level 2 cast: Type the spell in all caps or with an exclamation mark at the end. This requires 1 redstone. ex.1: FULMEN ex.2: fulmen!

Level 3 cast: Type 'magna' before the spell name. This requires 3 redstone. ex.: magna fulmen

If you don't have enough redstone for a particular spell, it will automatically default to level 1 and notify you.

SpellBook Use

Using the spellbook: Craft any regular book. Use the scripto spell to inscribe it to your book, this requires 1 piece of lapis lazuli. The spells can only be inscribed as the default level 1 casting strength, and no master spells can be inscribed. ex.: scripto fulmen

- Right click: Turn a page in your spellbook, selecting another spell. - Left click: Cast the spell. NOTE that there is a 5 second delay between casts using your spellbook. Once you have inscribed a spell any book can be used in place of your spellbook, although this might change in the future.


If you want a clean config file, you can just delete them, they will be regenerated the next time the plugin is loaded.

config.yml: Code: General: SpellAnounceLevel: 1 Defines the announce level for a spell: 0 = only to the casting player, 1 = only in a short range from the casting player, depending on spell strength, 2 = global SpellRange: 50 Defines the range for all spells. SuperCommand: magna Defines the command used to access the 3th level of a spell CastItem: 280 Defines the item to use for the CastItemOnly spell option. In future updates, this will also serve as the wand item

Reagents: Regular: 331 Defines the item used as a reagent for regular spells RegularIsDye: false Defines if the item is a dye Master: 4 Defines the item used as a reagent for master spells MasterIsDye: true Defines if the item is a dye Level1: 1 The amount of reagent required for a level 1 cast Level2: 3 The amount of reagent required for a level 2 cast Level3: 5 The amount of reagent required for a level 3 cast TransmuteCost: 15 The amount of regular material that the transmute spell transforms into master material (and vice versa) Spellbook: Enabled: true Defines if the spellbook is enabled at all WriteReagent: 4 The reagent used for writing in your spellbook WriteReagentIsDye: true Defines if the reagent is a dye InscriptionCommand: scripto The command used to write in your spellbook Cooldown: 5 The cooldown between uses of your spellbook


spells.yml: Note: You can remove a spell's section from this file to disable it completely. Code: Spells: Transmute: The description used by the plugin. DO NOT CHANGE THIS Name: transmutare The name used to cast the spell CastItemOnly: false Defines if the spell can only be cast while holding the casting item defined in the config Master: false Defines if the spell is a master spell (uses the master reagent) Cooldown: 0 The cooldown for the spell CostMultiplier: 0 Allows you to make spells more expensive or free


incantations.spellbook Allows the player to use the spellbook incantations.spells.* Gives access to all spells You can also only allow individual spells for a player by using: incantations.spells.spellname Where spellname is the DESCRIPTION of the spell as it appears in the spells.yml config file.

Full list of individual spell permissions for your convenience: incantations.spells.wall incantations.spells.transmute incantations.spells.lightning incantations.spells.thaw incantations.spells.clear incantations.spells.protect incantations.spells.storm incantations.spells.mutate incantations.spells.slowfall incantations.spells.entomb incantations.spells.glasstoice incantations.spells.replenish incantations.spells.light incantations.spells.fireball incantations.spells.extinguish incantations.spells.silence incantations.spells.bubble incantations.spells.break incantations.spells.breathe incantations.spells.blink incantations.spells.heal incantations.spells.launch incantations.spells.waterwalking incantations.spells.activate incantations.spells.rain incantations.spells.freeze


- Sphaera: Creates a temporary bubble of ice around you lasting for 10/20/30 seconds depending on the strength with which it is cast. When used underwater, this will create a temporary pocket of air.

- Fulmen: Creates a lightning bolt at your target. Strength 2 of this spell will also set the target on fire, and strength 3 will set the target and a small area around it on fire. When used on sand, it will turn the sand to glass.

- Tarduscado: Slows your falling speed for 10/20/30 seconds depending on the casting strength.

- Remedium: Heals you slowly over time to full health as long as you are standing still. Higher casting strengths will heal you faster.

- Transulto: Transports you to the location you are looking at. This spell has a cooldown of 30 seconds.

- Respiro: Makes you able to breathe underwater for 30/60/120 seconds depending on the casting strength.

- Frigidus: Freezes the area you are looking at, covering blocks in snow and turning water to ice. Higher casting strengths will cover a larger area.

- Concalesco: The opposite of frigidus, this spell turns thaws ice and removes snow. Higher casting strengths will cover a larger area.

- Extinguo: This spell extinguishes you if you are on fire. At higher strengths, this will also extinguish an area around where you are pointing.

- Pluvia: Makes it rain. This is a powerful spell and requires 1 piece of Lapis Lazuli.

- Tempestas: Summons a thunderstorm. This is a powerful spell and requires 1 piece of Lapis Lazuli.

- Sereno: Makes it sunny with clear skies. This is a powerful spell and requires 1 piece of Lapis Lazuli.

- Mutatio: Mutates the mobs around the area you are pointing at, mostly into passive mobs. BE CAREFUL though, this spell may backfire and create evil mobs. There is a 20% chance of backfire, and for each mob in the same area there is an additional 20% chance. In extreme cases (2%), this spell can backfire miserably and mutate a mob beyond your control or open a brief portal to the nether. Higher strengths will lessen the chance of this spell backfiring.

- Lux: Creates a glowstone block in front of the block you are pointing at, that lasts for 1/2/5 minutes depending on casting strength.

- Clausus: Similar to sphaera, this spell creates a wall of ice at your target that lasts for 15 seconds. Higher casting strengths will make the wall wider.

- Repleo: Admin-only spell, this spell attempts to fix water that isn't even. Unchanged from Incantatio.

- Tueri: Makes you immune to all damage for 3/5/7 seconds depending on casting strength.

- Ignifera: Summons a fireball. This spell only works properly at the highest level (3).

- Sepulcrum: This spell entombs the target in an obsidian tomb for 10/20/30 seconds. When a player has been entombed, they will have immunity for 1 minute.

- Glacia: When cast on glass, this spell turns the glass to ice and spreads to all glass around it in a small radius. Higher casting levels increase the spells radius of effect. Great for filling pools or making structures out of ice.

- Transmutare: When holding a piece of lapis, this spell will turn it into 15 redstone, and when holding at least 15 redstone, they will turn into a piece of lapis. Great for when you cannot find any lapis.

- Scripto: Inscribe a spell into your spellbook, see above for examples.

- SuperAquas: Water will freeze below your feet for 10/20/30 seconds.

- Jaceo: Launches your target into the air, or yourself if you look straight down.

- Ruptura: Temporary creates a hole, it's size depending on the casting strength, in the direction you are looking at. WARNING: This will drop all ladders/torches/rails/... so some of you might not want it on your server. This will be fixed in the future.

- Tincidunt: This will temporarily remove all redstone torches in a set range, great for creating hidden piston doors!

- Silentium: Silences opponents for a 5/10/15 seconds, preventing them from saying anything at all! If you have been hit by this spell, you will be immune for 1 minute. This spell has a 30s cooldown

Im not here to make money but donations do help. Donate


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