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ImproveMob [1337]

Are you ever annoyed by Endermen placing blocks everywhere? Do you want creepers to possibly be a dud? Want the server to announce when a creeper or pig is struck by lighting? ImprovedMob does all of this!


  • Endermen can only pick up natural blocks
  • Lowers chance of an Enderman picking up a block
  • Endermen cannot place blocks
  • Creepers have a chance to not explode, but die and drop fire items.
  • Announces when a pig is struck by lightning
  • Announces when a creeper is struck by lightning
  • More on its way!

Upcoming Features:

  • Config file:
  • Enable/disable features
  • Change likelihood of a creeper to be a dud
  • Change likelihood of an Enderman to pick up a block
  • Change allowed blocks for Endermen to pick up
  • Rage Mobs:
  • Each passive mob has a chance to rage when hit
  • Raging mobs can hurt players or other mobs
  • Your idea here! Reply if you have any ideas

Known Bugs / Conflicting Plugins

  • Creepers stuck by lightning announce multiple times


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