Dev. Builds

Use extreme caution when using these builds. Even though they are technically stable, they are lightly tested (testing main features, that is) and appear to work, they can go bonkers and do things they aren't supposed to do. Please do not use these builds unless you are willing to take risks. Please, especially, do not use these builds on public servers unless you are forced too. I take no responsibility if issues are to rise. Just report these issues, and please specify you are using a dev edition.

Otherwise, Cirno (or I) am doing my best and is most likely trying to get a new, stable, and official build. Please wait warmly until it is ready.

Information about this build: - Updated for 1.4.6 R0.3 - Use the flag "-l" for local. - Use the flag "-p" for permanent. - Slideshow function does not work. It has been taken out temporarily and will be fixed sooner (or later, depending if Life hates me or loves me.)

Instructions: To use a local picture, place the picture inside the "ImgMap" directory under "plugins". Go in-game and type in the command (taking the name "img.png" for this example, it can be named anything): /map img.png -l

Otherwise, permenent works the same as doing "perm", except at the end. Example: /map -p

You can combine these two flags together in any order: /map local_img.gif -p -l

All other controls are the same as default control functions.

Download Dev. Build: -rm'd-

I am well aware that this is probably the worst page I've written so far. Please contact me if any details are incorrect or I should need to word the intro better, because I honestly can see it from the view point that you think I'm a jerk for writing "no responsibility taken".


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