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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.8.1




Expect errors, bugs, etc. Drawing images works, videos do work; however, they require an external library. The library is currently not variable to download, and may never be (depending on weather or not Curse will allow external download links for native libraries). When using the external library, please note:

  1. Under Windows, your path MUST include the folder that contains FFmpeg DLLs.
  2. Under Linux, I believe merely installing FFmpeg from your package manager will install it. However, you will need to compile the library yourself by cloning the GitHub tree ( ). To compile, you must have FFmpeg installed (again, I believe it comes with the necessary header files). From there, you can use the makefile.
  3. Under OSX, there is no support. You can probably the steps for Linux, however, I do not intend to support OSX-based servers.

Please note that videos are EXTREMELY experimental and rely on native code that can hard-crash your server, as in, it just dies immediately.

As for changes:

  1. Huge change in code.
  2. Support for 1.8 R3 and R2; however, versions <=1.7 has been dropped temporarily.
  3. Maps automatically save when you run them. They also save the image (unresized) directly to the disk drive under the /plugins/cache/ directory, effectively removing the need for an internet connection upon loading. Currently, there is no way to change this; it is currently on a to-do.
  4. Images can now be spread across multiple maps with ease; the syntax for this is: "/drawimage <imageURL> -mm:#OfMapsInX:#OfMapsInY". Multi-mapping images are automatically saved to the drive also, and load on each map on start-up.
  5. Unofficial, unsupported, disabled code for streaming a GameBoy emulator is hidden in plain sight. You cannot access this and force-enabling by source code means will cause it to error.

Experimental build.