ImgMap v1.4.2a


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    Feb 15, 2014
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.7.2-R0.3



Fixed a bug that was supposed to be fixed in 1.4.2α.


Bug fixes mainly; also introduced unimplemented slideshow renderer and unimplemented "map background image".


Fixed some issues from 1.3. Added save/load feature.


So... I got some time to update it. So why not? Another complete rewrite. Changes since v1.2:

  • Somewhat new rendering system.
  • Uses Sun's internal GIF reader; may prove to be faster, may not. However, if this is not present on the system, will fallback to whatever the first GIF reader is.
  • Re-introduced GIF images; currently extremely buggy.
  • Removed "Gunvarrel"; the command handling system; replaced with just basic stuff.
  • Images now have anti-aliasing, bilinear interpolation. Rendering set to quality rather then default.
  • GIF images features a compression algorithm which reduces bandwith usage and miniscale memory usage at the expense of some quality. Might just defeat the purpose of the above, but hey, it has shown to compress anywhere between 0.1% to around 51%; depending on the GIF image. The algorithm is as follows:
  1. Grab all pixels in current frame.
  2. Compare every one of those pixels against the previous pixels from the previous frame. If one has changed, we need to send the entire column again (Minecraft has a funky map rendering system). If not, don't even bother.

I do not recommend you use GIF rendering until it is proven to be stable; otherwise, expect many bugs.


Reset the version numbering; we would be at version 100 at this rate. Complete rewrite.

To CaptainJohnnyBlu and Maximvdw: For bug fixes, append "a" or go to the next letter. For minor versions (e.g new feature or something), add 0.1 to version, or if the decimal is 0.9, add 1. For major versions (e.g rewrite, overhaul), add 1.

(JohnnyBlu: Got it :3)


Compiled on 1.5.2 Fixed Map bug There might be bugs, but this should get you going - Updated by Maximvdw


Started compiling for 1.5.1 Beta build. Fixed bug due to stupidity pertaining to persistent single-image maps. Implemented a disabled animation feature.


COMPILED FOR BUILD #2624 (The topmost development build as of 3/30/2013) The "B" stands for Beta. Completely rewritten plugin.

Caveats marked with ~ have been attempted to fix.
Caveats marked with + are confirmed and will happen.

+1: The background image somehow is still there if the current GIF image does not cover up the entire 128x128 area. Note that the GIF is scaled down to fit in the picture.

None so far.

Need to update front page to reflect changes.