It Just Might Happen

It just Might happen tries to implement alot of those small things that many have thought of through the time of MineCraft. The plugin started out as a reality implementation, but it is moving to something in between, with the many requests to different effects.

I am pretty sure that some of the effects would be hated on one server but loved on another. That is why the v1.1.4 offered full control of almost every option to each effect. If you only like 1 effect, the turn the rest off, or make them happen so rarely as fit.


  • On fire Player has a chance to catch fire when using flint and steel. Water/bucket is used to put it out.
  • Foodpoisoning Player has a chance of catching foodpoisoning when eathing raw food. Milk is used to cure it.
  • Struck by Lightning Player has chance to get struck by lightning when standing under a tree in a storm. Control it with cooldown and disable biomes.
  • Concussion Player gets a concussion from larger falls in 3 steps. a) Damage of 4,8,12. b) For servers with fall_damage:off or low, it compares falldistance instead.
    • Step 1 - Mild concussion: confusion effect.
    • Step 2 - Severe concussion: confusion- and slow effect.
    • Step 3 - Traumatic concussion: blindness-, confusion- and slow effect
  • Electrocution Player gets electrocuted when standing on redstone while powered state is on and chance for massive voltage!
  • Cows do kick! Milking cows from front now gives a message, while milking from the back gives a kick backwards leading to a minor concussion. Please read "Known Bugs"
  • Crafting Thumb While crafting chance to strike your thumb, chance reduced if crafting more than one, but at chance like 1 in a million you could die from crafting 64 at a time.
  • The Happy Miner On player breaking blocks a chance to get tired (slowdig) or energized (fastdig). Being tired and breaking blocks will trigger hunger too.
  • Roses have Thorns When walking through roses or rose bushes, players gets slowed and takes damage from the thorns.
  • Brew Explosion Chance for a brewstand to explode upon a finished brew. Configurable explosion and leave a sign to the owner.
  • Squid Defense! Chance that Squids defend themselves with damage (poison) and ink (blindness).
  • Fisherman on hook Chance to catch more items or catch mobs while fishing (items and mobs are configurable).
  • Bump on the Rail Chance to get thrown out of the minecart when on curves.
  • Bow Breaker Chance to break Bow during PvP.
  • Sticky Tar Sloweffect when walking over black wool.
  • Quicksand Chance to get sucked into the ground if not jumped enough to get loose. (only when raining configurable)
  • Dizzy In the Desert Chance during sunny daytime to get thirsty/dizzy.
  • Row your Boat Chance for boat to sink and player will have to fight in order not to drown.
  • Heavy Duty Armor now reduce walk- and flyspeed based on protection points.
  • Zombie Nation A zombie has a chance to raise upon player getting killed.
  • Sneaky Pickup In order to pickup items, you will have to sneak.
  • World Drop Chance for items to fall out of the sky around players online.
  • BuggyBlock Check (100% default) for a range of blocktypes to break underneath the player.
  • Unstable TNT Chance for TNT, when placed, to explode instantly and kill player.
  • new Near Death Players near death will get disoriented and blinded.
  • new Crazy Combat What could happen when you draw your sword?
    • Fair Play, when players with CREATIVE MODE hit other players, their gamemode changes to SURVIVAL.
    • Only weapons do damage, choose what weapons can cause damage.
    • Sparks, when players fights with swords a spark can ignite them both.
    • Backfire, damage goes back to the attacker.
    • Splinter, wooden sword has a chance to give splinters.
    • Bow Snaps, bow snawps fingers.
    • Weapon Breaks, weapons breaks during combat.
    • Kill Rush, after killing another player, there is a chance to get stronger and full health.

Messages (language.yml)

In the ijmh-folder on your server you will find the language.yml, from there you can change every message sent when something is triggered.


/ijmh - List of effects and commands and if they are currently on or off
/ijmh version - Show and compare version with latest released
/ijmh update - Turn new version notification on/off
/ijmh <effectname / part of effectname> toggle - Turn af effect on/off

Modifying values

/ijmh <effectname / part of effectname> - Shows a list of current values and HowTo change them.
/ijmh <effectname / part of effectname> <option1>:<value1> <option2>:<value2> etc. - Changes the the values of option 1, 2 etc.

Valuetypes: (Differs between effects)

  • skipworld: The worlds to be skipped. Same command will create and remove them.
  • skipbiome: The biomes to be skipped. Same command will create and remove them.
  • message (true/false): turn messages to users on/off
  • whenrain (true/false): if true only happens during rain.
  • whendesert (true/false): if true only happens in the desert.
  • whenzombie (true/false): if true only happens when killer was a zombie.
  • chance (1-100): chance that an effect will happen
  • chancemod (1+): modify a chance to go below 1%, eg. chancemod of 10 gives 1% / 10 = 0.1% chance.
  • damage (1+): Damage that player will suffer. 1 damage = ½ hearth.
  • modifier (1-5): The strength of the effect. (For Heavy Duty values are >0 and <=1)
  • duration (1+): Time that an effect lasts on player in seconds.
  • cooldown (1+): Time before an effect can happen to a player agin in seconds.
  • signs (true/false): Place a sign with a message when event has happened (eg. brew explosion).
  • items (item): The item to be given. Same command will create and remove them.
  • mobs (entity): The mobs to be spawned. Same command will create and remove them.


ijmh.immunity.*: Immunity to all events. (Full list of immunity per feature is found here)
ijmh.admin: Grant access to toggle effects on/off and version check.(default:OP)

This plugin utilises Hidendra's plugin metrics system, which means that the following information is collected and sent to

  • A unique identifier
  • The server's version of Java
  • Whether the server is in offline or online mode
  • The plugin's version
  • The server's version
  • The OS version/name and architecture
  • The core count for the CPU
  • The number of players online
  • The Metrics version

Opting out of this service can be done by editing plugins/Plugin Metrics/config.yml and changing opt-out to true.


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