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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.4.5-R0.2


Added reset option to walk- & flyspeeds
Updated to CraftBukkit v1.4.5 R0.2
Brand new way to manage/setup features
All features split up for easier overview
Updated to Minecraft v1.4.2 for testing
Preperation started towards building v2.0.0
All features now merged into their own classes
All features tested and merge was a success
All feature commands moved to their class and translated to use same function for setup
Changes to PlayerMoveEvent towards optimization
Fixed bug in "Row your boat" where block was created higher than player
Fixed commands to change Zombie Nation "whenzombie" and Brew Explosion "signs"
TICKET5: Fixed error on suicide command
TICKET5: Fixed error om inventoryCloseEvent with instanceof Player
Fixed Creative mode movement being limited by protection points
Fixed Creative mode movement being limited by protection points.
Added "Heavy Duty", Armor now reduce walk- and flyspeed based on protection points.
Added "Zombie Nation", a zombie has a chance to raise upon player getting killed.
Added "Sneaky Pickup", in order to pickup items, you will have to sneak.
Added "World Drop", chance for items to fall out of the sky around players online.
Added "BuggyBlock", check (100% default) for a range of blocktype to break underneath the player.
Added "Unstable TNT", chance for TNT, when placed, to explode instantly and kill player.
Partially added "Untamed Ride" and disabled it until actual riding plugin is decided or MC1.4 where pigs are controlable for riding.
Fixed added messages from new version being null on the first load.
Fixed damage on pressure plates that activates redstone.
Removed setting from Quicksand to restrict when raining (was bugged).
Fixed language version error
IMPORTANT! You will have to add file-version: 1.2.2 to language.yml not to get an error on load from earlier versions.
Added "Dizzy In the Desert", chance during sunny daytime to get thirsty/dizzy.
Added "Row your Boat", chance for boat to sink and player will fight not to drown.
Added Updatefunction for language.yml to use current language when updating with new version.
Added MultiWorld support, to disable worlds in each feature.
Added "Quicksand", chance to get sucked into the ground if not jumped enough.
Minor fixes and tweaks.
Added language.yml for editing the messages
Added Metrics for usage statistics
Added Material.PORK to Foodpoisoning as raw material
Fixed Immunity permission for Tired Miner
Fixed Catching Fire and the messagespam from putting it out
Added "Fisherman on hook", chance to carch more items or catch mobs
Added "Bump on the Rail", chance to get thrown out of the minecart
Added "Bow Breaker", chance to break Bow during PvP
Added "Sticky Tar", Sloweffect when walking over black wool
Added compability for WorldGuard invincible flag
Bukkit v1.3.1: "Update toggle" also effect console message now, irt. change in bukkit policy
Added chance for squid add POISON and BLINDNESS on being hit.
Added Brew explosion (Signs still bugged).
Added compability with players inside a MazeMania game not to get struck by Lightning.
Added option for Lightning to skip choosen biomes.
Added walk on Red Roses causing slow and damage while moving through the roses.
Disabled Redstone from triggering when In vehicle.
Fixed electrocution when riding minecarts

Added command for toggling ingame update messages.
Added command interface to tweak all settings by command.
Added chancemodifier to go lower than 1%
Changed foodpoison to only trigger on raw food.
Changed permission for happyminer tiredness to ijmh.immunity.tiredminer.
Changed toggle on/off command to /ijmh <effect> toggle to reflect new commands
Fixed bug where cure foodpoison triggered on different events.

Added "The Happy Miner", Speeded or slowed when getting energized or tired from blockbreaking.
Added Unlucky crafter "aka craftthumb".
Added Cows is supposed to be milked from the side and cows now kicks if milked from behind.
Fixed falling into water giving concussion.
Fixed flight:on getting concussion from landing.
Effect-statements optimized for performance.

Added versioncheck upload login for op's and admins or by command /ijmh version

Fixed bug where players in a house of wood would get hit by lightning
Added configuration
Added commands and toggle for all effects