Heypoday, iGates allows you to create portals to teleport your players. You can activate and desactivate those and fill them with blocks automatically. You can also retain liquids in it, like water or lava. I tried to make as simple as possible I hope you'll enjoy it. :)

/!\ This plugin needs PluginBaker to work. Don't forget to install it !

Authors: Ptibiscuit

How to use


There's 2 configuration, situated in config.yml:

  • retain_liquid: If set to true, water and lava won't spread outside the "from" areas. Usefull to create that awesome & legendary effect of wall of water ! <3
  • display_message_selection: If it's set to true, when you use the woodaxe to make a selection, it will display a message like "Selection complete !". Turn to false when you have WorldEdit or an other plugin that display that kind of message.

Commands & Permissions

/!\ When there's an argument called FillType, it means the type of block which will be filled in the "from" areas, you have to write one of those type of block, here is the list: portal, end_portal, water, lava, web, null (= nothing). When you will turn on a portal, the "from" areas will be filled with that type of block. :) Commands for creating and manage portals:

  • /igcreate <Tag> <FillType> (igates.portal.edit.create): Create a portal with the given name and the given FillType. Btw, the "to" point of the portal is automatically set to your position, but you can change it. ;)
  • /igdelete <Tag> (igates.portal.edit.delete): Delete a portal.
  • /iglist (igates.portal.list): List all the portals. Command fors editing portal:
  • /igaddfrom <Tag> (igates.portal.edit.addfrom): Add a "from" area for the given portal. A "from" area is an area where the player will be teleported to the "to" point. Make a selection with the woodaxe before using that command. :)
  • /igclearfroms <Tag> (igates.portal.edit.clearfroms): Remove all the "from" areas of the give portal
  • /igset <on/off> <Tag> (igates.portal.edit.set.on ou igates.portal.edit.set.off): Turn on or off a portal.
  • /igset filltype <Tag> <FillType> (igates.portal.edit.set.filltype): Set the filltype of a portal.
  • /igset price <Tag> <Price> (igates.portal.edit.set.price): Set the economy price of a portal.
  • /igset to <Tag> (igates.portal.edit.set.to):Set the "to" point of the given portal in your position.

There are some others permissions:

  • igates.make_selection: Allow player to make selection with the woodaxe.
  • igates.god: Player don't have to pay when he uses a portal.
  • There are differents kind of permissions you can give to allow a player to use portals. First, you can simply give "igates.portal.use", it allows the player to use all portals. But, you can instead give a permission to allow the player to use just one kind of portals (water, lava, portal, ...), it is "igates.portal.use.<FillType>" (For example, "igates.portal.use.water" or "igates.portal.use.lava", ...)

Step to step tutorial

What ? That bunch of commands has made you sick ? Okay, read that tutorial to create a portal. :)

  1. Use the command /igcreate <Tag> <FillType> to create the portal. For this tuto, we'll use /igcreate tuto portal.
  2. Go where you want the portal teleports and use /igset to tuto.
  3. Take a woodaxe and make a selection with Right-Click and Left-Click, exactly like with WorldEdit. When the portal will be activated, players in that selection will be teleported to the "to" point.
  4. Use /igaddfrom tuto when you've got you're selection to add it to the portal.
  5. Turn on the portal by using /igset on tuto, normally, the "from" area you've had selected will be filled of portal block.
  6. Enter the "from" zone and you'll be teleported !

If you prefer a tutorial video than letters, here is a tutorial made by DMWandxTMx. :)

Traduire en Français ("Omelette du fromage")

Pour traduire le plugin en Français, rien de plus simple. Ouvrer le fichier lang.properties, il contient toutes les "phrases" qui seront affichées. Enlever son contenu et remplacer-le par ceci:

#Default Lang Configuration
#Wed Apr 18 21:25:05 CEST 2012
need_be_player=Vous devez etre un joueur pour faire cette action.
top_list=Liste des portails:
ft_dont_exist=Ce FillType n'existe pas, utilisez un de ceux-ci: water, portal, end_portal, lava, web, null.
tag_dont_exist=Ce nom de portail n'existe pas.
set_filltype=Ce portail est ou sera maintenant rempli de {FILLTYPE}.
portal_deleted=Portail detruit !
first_point_set=Le premier point de séléction est fixé !
more_args=Mauvaise utilisation de la commande . (Besoin d'argument ?).
need_volume=Avant de faire ceci, vous devez sélectionner une zone avec la hache en bois, comme pour World Edit.
tag_taken=Ce nom de portail existe déja, tu manques d'imagination ! \^_^
weird_arg=Vous utilisez un argument bizarre, choisissez un de ceux-ci: on, off, to, filltype;
cant_do=Vous n'avez pas la permission de faire ceci.
elem_list={ACTIVE} §6{TAG}§f: {CNT_FROMS} "Froms" areas.
portail_created=Portail "{TAG}" crée !
froms_added=Zone "From"ajoutée au portail \!
second_point_set=Le deuxime point de la selection a ete fixé !
set_active=Ce portail est maintenant {ACTIVE}.

Merci à N07070 pour m'avoir filé son lang traduit. :) BIen sur, vous pouvez changer ce qui est écrit, c'est entièrement personalisable. ;)


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