Ever think about how overpowered certain Minecraft features are? On a lot of PVP servers, most people have equipment to one-shot you. This plugin aims to eliminate that, making PVP all skill and fair (and then some).


  • Disables Enchanting
  • Disables Potions
  • Disables Bows
  • Disables Golden Apples
  • Disables Enderpearls
  • Clears Enchantments on Item Drop (Prevent Enchants from Mob Drops) - Configurable
  • Optionally Enables 'Soup PVP'
  • Disables XP
  • Notifies When You Cannot Do Something - Configurable


  • By default, everything is disabled.
  • Being OP'd gives you the bypass (permission nodes) for all restrictions.
  • Most of the plugin's configurability lies in the permission nodes.
  • I'm relatively new to coding, and even though I do think I have a knack for it, I probably won't be able to everything perfectly. Though, please do leave your suggestions and ideas for other features ^.^


  • 100 downloads!!! Thank you :)


  • /ielite - iElite Help Page - Default: True
  • /ielite reload - Reload the config - Default: OP - ielite.reload


  • ielite.potion - (Bypass) Use Potions - Default: OP
  • ielite.enchant - (Bypass) Be able to Enchant - Default: OP
  • ielite.xp - (Bypass) Be able to gain xp - Default: OP
  • ielite.bow - (Bypass) Be able to use bows - Default: OP
  • ielite.goldenapple - (Bypass) Be able to eat golden apples - Default: OP
  • ielite.enderpearl - (Bypass) Be able to use enderpearls - Default: OP
  • ielite.soup - Use Soup - Default: False

Upcoming Features

  • Disable Anvils, or the ability to give enchantments with the anvil (Will have a bypass for it though)
  • Clear Enchanted Books' Enchantments on Drop

What is 'Soup PVP'?

  • Soup PVP was most likely created by
  • When you right click the item 'Mushroom Stew', it adds 3.5 hearts to your health and replaces the stew with a bowl
  • Some servers use this PVP gamemode, and they are extremely competitive- try
  • Tutorial on how to 'Soup PVP' I found

Video Tutorials/Reviews

Accepting tutorials/reviews right now :) Welcome to do one.

Servers That Use This Plugin

If you are hesitant to use this, test it on one of these servers:

  • [In the comments, tell me if you use this plugin and I'll put your server up here]

Why Should I Download This?

This plugin can bring you a really fun gamemode. Instead of having me write a paragraph, just think about it :)


If you like what I do, click the "Donate" button at the top of the page! It's very much appreciated.


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