This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.


Since this was my first mod I wanted to start out with something "basic" and build upon it. I noticed that there was a plugin called IceCrafter that allowed you to make Ice via the crafting screen. I realized that it was last updated in December, so I got to work. This plugin is however not a copy or a fork. I completly wrote this from scratch and plan to add more features as I progress.


Here is how this works. Simply paste the .jar file inside your plugins folder, the run minecraft. It really is that simple. Then follow the following crafting recipe to get your ice block.





Allows the player/group to craft the ice block.
Allows the player/group to harvest an ice block.
The player must have this if you use an enchantment switch.

Configuration File (default)

    enable_permissions: true
    harvest_tool: WOOD_PICKAXE
    ignore_harvest_tool: true
    ignore_silk_touch: true
    quantity: 4
    1[x][ ][ ]: SNOW_BALL
    2[x][ ][ ]: SNOW_BALL
    3[x][ ][ ]: SNOW_BALL
    1[ ][x][ ]: SNOW_BALL
    2[ ][x][ ]: WATER_BUCKET
    3[ ][x][ ]: SNOW_BALL
    1[ ][ ][x]: SNOW_BALL
    2[ ][ ][x]: SNOW_BALL
    3[ ][ ][x]: SNOW_BALL

    no-permission: You are not allowed to freeze dihydrogen monoxide!
    world_Ice_Block: Suddenly the heat gained was higher than 3.14x10^6, therefore the ice is gone.


  • Allows Air in crafting recipe.
  • Easy to use recipe
  • Permissions Support
  • Change quantity of block
  • Returns an empty bucket
  • Harvest ice from ponds and ice patches
  • Allow/Disallow Water in Nether, The_end, and Normal worlds via ice blocks
  • Allow harvesting based upon Enchantments such as Silk_touch

Future Features

  • Make the furnace a freezer if ice is in it
  • Melt all ice from X distance of player.
  • Customizable dialogs.
  • Customize the recipe via config file, and possibly GUI also.
  • Add ability to harvest ice from ponds.
  • Permissions support.
  • Change how many blocks are crafted.
  • Allow the return of an empty bucket, thus saving cost.


Version 2 (Current)

  • Cleaned up the source and made it more optimized
  • Updated to CraftBukkit-1.5.1-R0.2

Version 1.5r

  • Source completly re-written.
  • Made the plugin hook into enchantments.
  • Allow air in the ice recipe.

Version 1.2r

  • Fixed an issue not allowing any other block drops... Oops. My bad on that one.

Version 1.1r

  • Ability to Harvest ice from ponds and ice patches
  • Allow or disallow water in Nether via transporting Ice and braking it.

Version 1r

  • Ability to change amount of crafted blocks. Default is four.

Version 0.3a

  • Config File

Version 0.2a

  • Permissions

Version 0.1a

  • Release


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