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Its a much newer Version with lots of changes
( not done by me, i passed this plugin over to very smart guys (xDrapor and Djaddi) they know what they doing)

IceBanner IceBanIP Version : v1.0
Easy to use plugin to find and ban IP's from onlineplayer. Only copy the IceBanIP.jar into your pluginfolder... thats it This is my first plugin what i done, so if there is anything what you suggest i should do, if you find bugs or wrong spelling, please let me know.. everyone started once and done mistakes.. not even the big companys do things without mistakes and bug. Feel free and post if you find something what is not right, THX. Because i got only my own Bukkit server what is not online, i was only able to test this plugin with a 2 player server (Me and my sun) I would appriciate if someone wouldl test it out for me on a bigger server if that would be possible and tell me if it works or what for bugs (maybe) are in the plugin does i can fix them.

Permissions :
ice.ipban -> This allows you full access to the plugin

Commands :
  • /iceip playername: Shows the IP from given playername
  • /iceban playername: Bans the IP from given playername
  • /icebk playername: Bans the IP from given playername and kick player from server
  • /icelist all: Shows a list from all onlineplayers like -> Icedave :

Features :
  1. Find IP-Address from players
  2. Ban Players IP-Address
  3. Ban & Kick with one command
  4. Get a list from all onlineplayer *playername : IP-Address*

Downloads : Download IceBanIP.jar here
Issues : Use Github issues Tracker, please
Source : Source code if you would have a look.

Changelog :
Version 1.0 : Releasing my plugin

Comming features :
Version 2.0 : (Ingame) IP-List able to flip trought in pages code comments clean up the code


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