• Allows you to fly (if you believe) using /fly
  • Land by typing /fly again
  • Specify custom flying speed using /fly [modifier]
  • Only fly when holding shift (much more flexible to move around)
  • Use permission node "IBICF.fly"

Video Preview (Outdated)

Change log:
Version 2.2

  • you no longer receive damage when landing (hitting the ground)
  • works with CB 1.1-R8 & CB1.2.3-R0.2, tested

    Version 2.1
  • you can no longer fly at "negative" modifiers
  • removed configuration options for using permissions (auto-detects permissions & ops)
  • works with CB 1.1-R7, tested

    Version 2.0
  • completely rewrote the plugin using EasyPlugin (required for plugin to function)
  • uses Bukkit Permissions (built-in permission system)
  • works with CB 1.1-R6 and CB 1.2.3-R0.1, tested

    Version 1.7
  • multi-world support enhanced (now players stop flying when entering a new world)
  • ability to configure the default flying speed
  • works with 684-1062 tested

    Version 1.6
  • performance improved
  • multi-world support
  • configuration
  • fly is now disabled by /fly if you enabled it first, speeds can still be changed without disabling fly ;)

    Version 1.5
  • permission integration "IBICF.fly"
  • works with 684-1000 tested

    Version 1.4
  • increased user flexibility.
  • hold shift to start flying, release to pause flying

    Version 1.3
  • performance improvements

    Version 1.2
  • fixed damage on drop
  • critical max speed fix (prevents users from crashing server)

    Version 1.1
  • added temp. fly stop

    Version 1
  • made base for flying


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