IBan is a simple, but highly efficient banning plugin. Unlike some ban plugins, IBans uses a Sqlite database to log/write faster without any annoying ticks per second drops. This plugin was mainly developed because i got tried of not being able to view someones ban information with a simple command.

  • Permission support
  • Simple GUI
  • SQlite support
  • MySQL support
  • Import
  • Export
  • Lightweight
  • Console freindly
  • Config file

new: /iexport <ban/ipban>(exports bans into bukkit format)

new: /iimport <Essentials/Bukkit/BukkitIP> (imports bans)

new: /itempban <amount> <timetype> <reason> (Temp bans)

TimeTypes: s(second), m(minute), h(hour), d(day), mon(month)

  • iban.ban: Permission to use /iban
  • iban.unban: Permission to use /iunban
  • iban.check: Permission to use /icheck
  • iban.ipban: Permission to use /ipban
  • iban.ipunban: Permission to use /ipunban
  • iban.ipcheck: Permission to use /ipcheck
  • iban.ipremove: Permission to use /ipremove
  • iban.kick: Permission to use /ikick
  • iban.help: Permission to use /ihelp
  • iban.reload: Permission to use /ireload
  • iban.admin: Permission to use all commands
  • iban.export: Permission to export bans
  • iban.temp: Permission to use tempbans
  • iban.import: Permission to importbans


  • when a player is banned twice in a single session it writes an error -fix coming soon!


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