Old Changelog


Version 3.5.1:

  • Fixed bug with stacking problem fix

Version 3.5:

  • Added CraftIRC support (Send your Auction chat to a spesific channel of your IRC)
  • Fixed Stacking problem where Apples stacked and such


  • Added Register (iAuction is not compatible with iConomy 4, iConomy 5, BOSE6, BOSE7 and Essentual economy) [Make sure that only one economy is enabled]
  • Added Anti-snipe function [run the plugin once to make the config appear]

Version 3.3

  • Added auction stop at server stop
  • Tweaked with Item dropping at auction end
  • Started Code rewrite

Version 3.2

  • Fixed Null pointer error by making default herochat channel Global
  • Fixed config file not generating herochat-channel-name line
  • If auction owners or winner's inventory cannot hold the won items then items are dropped onto floor instead of not being delivered

Version 3.1

  • Herochat Bugfix

Version 3.0

  • Updated to iConomy 5.x
  • Added HeroChat Channel functionality to direct Auction Chat to a spesific channel

Version 2.5

Final Plugin From Zaraza107


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