Hyper Downloader

This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

hyper downloader

Hyper Downloader

What does it do in (Breif) plain English

Gives players with permission or OP the ability to download plugins in game.

What does it do? (Explained)

Your on a server that's under construction. You wan't to download a plugin for the server but the server owner is offline and far away from the computer. What do you do know?
That's a common case among developing servers. Whether from console or in game, Hyper Downloader lets players download plugins from in game (If They have Permission!.. or OP). Giving high ranks the ability to download plugins allows servers to grow faster!
But wait, that's not all! Why stop at just downloading plugins? Hyper Downloader will soon be able to download maps/worlds too! Expect this feature real soon. (less than a week).

How do I set it up?

Step 1:
Drag .jar into the "plugins" folder.

Step 2:
IF you want to use permissions, set the permissions.

Step 3:

It's as easy as that!

Alright, How do I use this

You can watch the YouTube tutrorial below, or read on!

Navigate to the direct link. (A direct link is a link that if you pasted in your browser, the download would begin immediately). There's two ways to type the download command.
you can do

/download [direct link] [file type] [name]

/hd download [direct link] [file type] [name].

Here's an example.
/hd download http://dev.bukkit.org/media/files/704/19/ArenaPaintball.jar plugin ArenaPaintball.jar

Alright so you're asking, "What the... what does that mean?" I'll break it down even more for you.
1. The first part of the example command is "/hd download". That is the base command to download. You could alternatively just do "/download".
2. The secconds part of the command is "http://dev.bukkit.org/media/files/704/19/ArenaPaintball.jar". That's the direct download link for the Arena Paintball plugin.
3. The third part of the command is "plugin". This tells HyperDownloader that you're downloading a plugin and not a map. That way Hyper Downloader downloads it to the right location. Other types are "map, world, icon, server-icon" (map and world are the same thing, and icon and server-icon are the same thing.
4. The final part of the command is "ArenaPaintball.jar". This tells Hyper Downloader what you want the file to be saved as. If a name isn't provided, Hyper Downloader will attempt to figure it out, by reading the URL backwards, but that doesn't always work for many URLs. (it will come out really odd)

Still confused? Watch the tutorial! (Link coming soon...)


Permission NodeCommandDescription
hyperdownload.*/hd Access to all commands
hyerdownload.download/hd download Access to download commands
hyperdownload.delete/hd delete Access to (IN PROGRESS) delete commands

Features Coming Soon

I, lite20, will gladly accept feature requests! If you have one, please do type it in a comment below! Have patience if I'm a bit slow to respond... I may get a bit tight at time's with school.

He're are some features I plan to add next:

  • ability to delete maps
  • ability to delete plugins (...will take some time...)
  • ability to unzip maps that have been downloaded (coming soon)
  • progress monitor... using the scoreboard (in progress)
  • config (coming soon)

    Like I said, If you have any other ideas, please let me know!


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