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Huntercraft is a Role-Play Plugin developed by Mineplace. Inspired of the new Crysis 3 "Hunter Mode" it includes two teams fighting each other. On one side there is a team of two people called "The Hunters". On the other side there are 14 Soldiers, which "stranded" on a lonely part of the City. The Soldiers are well equipped and they are trying to kill the Hunter, which have to abillity to get nearly invisible. If a "Soldier" dies he'll become a "Hunter".


  • Join a game, and become randomly assigned to a team
  • Play as "Soldier" or "Hunter", and try to beat down your Opponents
  • Coloured tags for those using TagAPI. Green for the allies, red for the enemies
  • Inventory and kits are handled by the plugin
  • Automatically go back to the place where you joined, if you die, leave or quit
  • Play on the Map "Museum", inspired of the "Crysis 3 Museum Map" and made by us.

Official Map

Here it is! We will release our own made huntercraft map, to play our plugin!

You will spawn on a lobby. just walk to x -170, y 119, z 270 and you will find the arena!

Download it here:


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