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The Hunger Games v0.1

Bringing the Hunger Games to Minecraft


  • 18+ commands - with a smart command system to simplify them
  • Vault support - For economy rewards
  • Permissions - With a '*'
  • Multiworld support - Even the lobby and arena can be in different worlds
  • Simultaneous games - Have as many running as you want
  • Rewards - Block of economy rewards
  • Huge configuration - More options added everyday
  • Chest protection/auto filling - Resets the world for you
  • Inventory and GameMode saving - Backs up the players inventory and gamemode so they don't lose their items
  • API using Metadata and Custom Events - If you want a feature, you can even make it yourself
  • Use of a custom scoreboard to show kills - Know who's the greatest at PvP
  • Random events - Wreak havoc on a random player
  • Care packages - Support a player? Send him items!
  • Lower food saturation - Adds realism
  • Optimized for a large number of players - Smart, so it only listens for events when it has to
  • Dynmap integration - Identifies arena's on the map
  • Saving and Loading - MySQL or SQLite

Download link to come

Source is hosted on GitHub

Possible features to come

  • More languages
  • Web stats
  • WorldEdit/WorldGuard support
  • LWC and other chest protection plugin support
  • Flatfile support





I'M LOOKING FOR BETA TESTERS! PM me on here, Bukkit, or Spout.


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