2/12/20 - To anyone that might see this! I am working on recoding and optimizing this plugin--from the ground up. If you are interested in helping out, or want to be among the first to test it, please join my Discord!



Thank you for 50,000 downloads!!

Been a while, 50,000 downloads is quite the milestone. I'm going to be doing a full rewrite of the plugin soon. Hopefully fix stupid bugs and things. Thanks guys :D


HungerArena - A simple plugin for the Hunger Games!

Recommended build: 1.4

Test Server

I currently don't have a server, but I'm ready to hit the order button and I'm currently working on the spawn and things!! I just need a few donations, so hit this button!

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Need help?

Video courtesy of our very own FordRacer!


This is a simple Hunger Games plugin! You can set up all the player positions, warp all tributes there, and fight for a reward! You set the positions using /startpoint 1, 2, 3, etc. Then you don't have to set the locations again! Then you use /ha join to going the game(/ha leave to get out) Then /ha warpall - Warps all tributes to position freezing them in the process. Then to start the games you do /ha start - it announces "Let the Games Begin!" and allows the players to move and from there you fight!!! In the config you can toggle block protection for tributes that are playing. There is a configurable chat radius allowing tributes to talk to each other. When a player is killed they will be teleported to the spot defined with /ha setspawn Then, the winner will be rewarded 10 diamonds unless you change it in the config! /ha restart clears all lists.

How to use!

Video courtesy of our very own FordRacer!

How to configure and install the plugin:

  1. First install the plugin
  2. Then configure the plugin
  3. You are done! :)



Commands can be found here:


Permissions are here:


Chest Storage - By hitting a chest with a blaze rod it will store the chest, also, if a tribute opens a chest it will store it if it hasn't already been stored.

Have a configurable max players! - In the config there is an option to set the max amount of players!

Use Signs as commands! - Make a sign with the first line [Ha] or [HungerArena] and the second line can be any command from HungerArena that starts with /ha Also you can use [Sponsor] signs too!

Arena Resets - Any tribute modified block will be stored and reset at the end of the game. Blocks are configurable.

Whitelistable commands - Self explanatory!

Whitelistable sponsor items - again, self explanatory!

Economy support! - You can charge fees for sponsoring, joining, and give a reward for winning!

Fully Automated - Configure the plugin to make it auto restart.

DeathMatches! - Configure the deathmatch time in minutes and it will count down.

Freezing - Tributes will be frozen on their pedestals and will either blow up or be teleported back if they leave.


- Report bugs in the tickets tab.


- GriefPrevention - There are quite a few configuration settings that will get in the way of what HA wants to do.


- Multi Arena support

- Spawns with a tool

- Storing inventory on join

Need help?

Read the FAQ before you ask in comments or make a ticket.


Changelog will now be Here! (Just making the description a little shorter)

Other stuff and credit

Note: This is my Second plugin, still kind of a newb. Any tips/improvements are welcome!

Also, if you would like a dev build email me @ [email protected]

Also, I would like to recognize my pals from Curly Brace Productions for helping me out!

Wanna learn how to code?

Also, if you could look at my other vids (Minecraft Let's Play) here:




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