• You can stop the DaylightCycle
  • You can start it back
  • You can increase and decrease speed of DaylightCycle
  • You can connect your DaylightCycle to real time
  • You can set time to certain value


  • Vault

== How To Install ==

  • Drop Hugo.jar into your server's plugin folder.
  • Restart your server.
  • If necessary, go in \plugins\Hugo\lang.yml and change speeches of plugin by your taste or your language . Default language is English. Then restart.
  • Try '/clock help' to learn how to use it.

== Configuration ==

Do not edit config.yml manually - all the edits goes there through the commands. If plugin generates some errors after some your actions, then try to delete configuration files from the plugin folder and restart server, firstly.

== Issues, conflicts, bugs ==

  • Do not use this together with ComandBook command /time;
  • Do not use this together with Vanilla command /time, also;
  • If you use mod Gravestone, you have to set in its config: EnableNightStone=false
  • Do not remove this plugin if your server wasn't stop correctly, cause gamerule doDaylightCycle may be disabled, and time will stand up.

== Permissions ==

  • Clock.Admin - all commands.
  • Clock.start - allows to use /clock start
  • Clock.real - allows to use /clock real
  • Clock.set - allows to use /clock set xx
  • - allows to use /clock fast xx
  • Clock.slow - allows to use /clock slow xx
  • - allows to use /clock help
  • Clock.vanilla - allows to use /clock vanilla
  • Clock.stop - allows to use /clock stop
  • Clock.status - allows to use /clock
  • All operators have access to all commands, by default.

== Commands ==

  • /clock - shows current time mode.
  • /clock help - shows Help for this plugin.
  • /clock start - starts Extended Day mode.
  • /clock stop - stops Extended Day mode.
  • /clock set xx - sets time (in hours).
  • /clock fast xx - divides day duration.
  • /clock slow xx - multiplies day duration.
  • /clock vanilla - toggles Vanilla time mode.
  • /clock real - toggles Real-Time mode.
  • You can use /cl instead of /clock


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