Clans Beta

This feature requires Hub Plus V0.4 or above!

What Are Clans?

Clans can be explained in many ways. An easy way to explain it is like groups, players can join and work together to earn points!

Clans are in early beta and have a long way to go! Clans also require a MySQL Database!

What Can Clans Do?

Clans in Version 0.4 can currently do the following:

  • Create a Clan
  • Join a Clan
  • View Your Clan Info
  • Leave a Clan
  • Delete a Clan (Happens if the owner leaves)
  • Invite to clan
  • View other clans info


Here are a list of commands:

  • /clan create <name> - Create a Clan
  • /clan join <name> - Join a Clan
  • /clan info - View Your Clan Info
  • /clan leave - Leave a Clan
  • /clan invite <player> - Invite to clan
  • /clan info <name> - View other clans info


Here are a list of permissions, all are currently default to OP:

  • hubplus.clan - Access to '/clan' command
  • hubplus.clan.info - Access to '/clan info' command
  • hubplus.clan.info.other - Access to view other clans info with '/clan info <name>'
  • hubplus.clan.create - Access to '/clan create' command
  • hubplus.clan.join - Access to '/clan join' command


Here is what to come in the future:

  • Points! Earn Points and Spend Points!
  • New Options - Change Owner, Add Mods + More!
  • MAYBE a Clan API
  • MAYBE Clan Messaging


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