This configuration information refers to Version 0.4! More info will be added soon! Protected Worlds: world - List worlds to protect from block breaking/placing. Separate by comma's (,)
Hub World: world - Which world is your Hub World
Clear Inventory On Join: false - Clear players inventory on server join
Clock Cooldown: 3 - How many seconds between clock clicks
On Join Broadcast: Welcome <playername> to the server! - Message when player joins the server
On Quit Broadcast: <playername> left the server! - Message when player quits the server
Hub On Join: true - Teleport player to Hub on server join
Send Stats: true - Send stats to MC Stats (Metrics)
Broadcast Prefix: "[HubPlus]" - Prefix before broadcasts
Custom Hub Command: lobby - Custom command for TP to hub
Disable Plugins Command: false - Disable /plugins command
Firework Cooldown: 15 - Wait between /fw command uses
Launch Pads: enabled - Enable launch pads?
Launch Pads Bottom Block: Redstone Block - Bottom block for launch pads
Launch Pads Top Block: Stone Plate - Topblock for launch pads

Clans Enabled: false - Clans enabled?
Clan Member Limit: 8 - How many players per clan
Clan Starting Points: 100 - Starting points for new clan
Database Host: localhost - MySQL Host
Database User: user - MySQL Username
Database Pass: pass - MySQL Password
Database Name: name - MySQL Database Name

Blood Enabled: false - Should blood be enabled?
Blood Worlds: all - Which worlds? Separate by comma (,) or use all
Blood Entitys: - True next to entitys you want to have blood (or all)


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