Hub Plus Changelog Notes!

Version 0.4.1

  • Fixed bug for /clan join with clan names which contains a space

Vesrion 0.4

  • Clans Beta! (Requires MySQL!) - More Info Here
  • New Option To Disable /plugins command (Hide plugins from players on server!)
  • New Command - /fly - Allows the player to fly (Perm:
  • New Command - /heal - Allows the player to heal (Perm: hubplus.heal.self)
  • Some internal code changes with functions
  • Added Firework Cooldown (Option in config)
  • Added Firework Permission - hubplus.fw
  • New Blood!
  • Launch Pads (Only works in Hub world)
  • Information on configuration here!

Version 0.3.1

  • Fixes bug with 'Hub Worlds' now added 'Protected worlds' option

Version 0.3

It is recommended you delete your config and start over for this update!

  • [Hub] Signs, Work only in survival
  • Fixed the Yaw + Pitch for the /hub command
  • Built in Blood effect (From my other plugin, Minecraft Needs Blood V2!), (Options in config!)
  • Custom Hub Command! (Change in config)
  • Multi-World protection (Seperate world names by comma)
  • Fixed 'Found' message showing on login!
  • Changed firework message

Version 0.2

  • Broadcast Feature
  • Send User To Hub On Join (Enable this is config file!)
  • Join and Leave Custom Messages (Change these in the config file)
  • MCStats can now be disabled in the config (Or with new command)
  • Moved all setup commands to /hubplus instead of /hub setup
  • New Command - /hubplus reload - Reloads config
  • New Command - /hubplus stats <enable/disable> - Enable or disable stats for MC Stats
  • New Command - /hubplus clockcooldown <seconds> - Change cooldown wait for hide players clock
  • New Command - /broadcast (/bc) <message> - Send out a broadcast

Version 0.1

  • First Release!


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