Hub Mini-Game
Ever felt like your hub is pretty boring? Well here is the solution!
This plugin is basically a mini-game in hub. Throw a snowball into someone , they will become invisible for you for a configurable amount of time ( Default : 10secs ) and you will receive some XP that you can change in configs. Get more XP to level up and unlock new stuff.
Everything is configurable!
NOTE: This is not a perk plugin. Everyone is able to use every item by increasing their levels.

Works only for 1.8+
Vault is a optional Dependency
|| Morphs addon || -

• Exp
• Signs
• Sounds
• Levels
• Prizes
• Gadgets
• Wardrobe
• Particles
• Custome GUI
• Particle Effects
• Fully Configurable
• Custome Chat Format for the Hub
• Create as many levels as you want!
• And MORE!
• Admin GUI Menu
• Achievements
• Mounts
• Morphs
• API for developers
• Your suggestions!

/hubmg setworld - Set current world a hub world.
/hubmg spawnnpc  - Spawn an NPC.
/hubmg movenpc - Move the NPC to your location.
/hubmg reload - Reload the plugin.
/hubmg stats - Display your stats.
/hubmg snowball - Get a free snowball.
/hubmg menu - Open the hub menu.
/hubmg killnpc - Remove the npc.
/hubmg givexp [amount] [name] - Give xp points to a player.
/hubmg gadget [Name] - To get a certain gadget
/hubmg customgadget [Name] - To get a certain custom gadget
/hubmg gadgets - To open the Gadgets GUI
/hubmg hats - To open the Hats GUI
/hubmg wardrobe - To open the Wardrobe GUI
/hubmg peffects - To open the Particle Effects GUI

hubmg.donor - Donor permission to get more XP.
hubmg.op - Op permission to manage the plugin.
hubmg.snowball - Permission for the /hubmg snowball.
hubmg.stats - Permission to display your stats.
hubmg.gadgets - Permission to use /hubmg gadgets.
hubmg.peffects - Permission to use /hubmg peffects.
hubmg.wardrobe - Permission to use /hubmg wardrobe.
hubmg.hats - Permission to use /hubmg hats.
hubmg.gadgetcmd - permission to use the /hubmg gadget
hubmg.gadget.[Name] - permission for a gadget
hubmg.customgadgetcmd - permission to use the command /hubmg customgadget
hubmg.customgadget.[Name] - permission for a custom gadget

\\ HERE\\

Thanks to TubeCraftXXL for the plugin review. [Dutch]

Thanks to BukkitFAQ for the plugin review. [German]
How to create more levels.
It is pretty easy. All you have to do is to open Levels.yml,
Copy this and put it at the very end of the file:

  '2': #<- Exp to reach that level                                             <-|
    EXP: 10 #<- Exp to reach that level                                          |
    Reward: #<- Reward system that is called after a player reaches this level. -|
      Enabled: true #<- Is it enabled? true/false
      Economy: #<- Economy system (Vault)
        Enable: true #<- If you don't want the players to receive money turn it to false, but if you do and you have Vault and another Economy plugin, turn it to true
        Amount: 100 #<- How much money they will receive.
      Items: #<- Reward in items
        Enable: true #<- If you don't want them to receive reward in items, turn it to false, but if you do, turn it to true
        IDs: #<- Ids of the items id:amount ex. 264:1 - they will receive 1 diamond.
        - '264:1' #<- Id
        - '276:1' #<- Id , you can add as many lines as you want bellow this one. ex - '266:3'
      ConsoleCmdOnLevelUp: #<- console commands that will be called when a player reaches the level.
      - say %player is now level %lvl #<- command
      - heal %player #<- command. Again, you can add as many of these lines as you want.

After you added the levels, find the line "LevelAmount: 20" and change "20" to how many levels you have in total.

How to create more hats.
It is easy aswell, all you have to do is to open wardRobe.yml.
Copy this and put it at the very end of the file:

    Angel: #<- Name of the hat
      LevelReq: 18 #<- Required level to use this hat.
      ItemID: 155 #<- Hat item id
      Name: '&f&lBe an Angel!' #<- Hat item name
      Slot: 17 #<- Hat item slot in GUI
      Description: #<- Hat item description
      - '&aRequired Level : &6%reqlvl'  #<- Description line
      - '%status'  #<- Description line, you can add as many as you want.

List of Particles
List of Sounds
Feel free to donate\\

• If you donate, I'll add your server ip in the Server List section.
• If you donate, I'll update the plugin faster.

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