This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.



HousePoints is a plugin which lets you manage points for different groups. The groups are created within the plugin only, and the points are only used within the plugin too. The points are handed through a command. This plugin was first designed for a Harry Potter server, that's why it includes feature such as :

  • Signs which display how many points one group has.
  • "Block piles", meant to look like the Harry Potter Hourglasses. They could also be used as some sort of stats tracker.

Blockpiles will represent the % of points one group have relative to the others.

Here's what a block piles look like :

Blockpile example


  • /querypoints [group name] - Returns the number of points of the specified group.
  • /addpoints [group name] [amount] - Adds the number of points to the specified group
  • /removepoints [group name] [amount] - Removes the number of points to the specified group
  • /resetpoints [group name] - Sets the number of points of the specified group to 0.
  • /createblockpile [group name] [height] [wool id] - Creates a blockpile at the location of the block you're looking at. Wool id is the wool color.
  • /removeblockpile - Removes the block pile at the location of the block you're looking at (The one you created the blockpile from)

IMPORTANT! You must "register" the group name to the plugin by adding points for that group before creating a blockpile for that group or creating a sign.


To create a sign which displays how many points a group has, simply write the group name preceded by { on the first line.
example inputExample :

Which will do :
example result


All permissions are associated with the commands which have the same name.

  • housepoints.createblockpile
  • housepoints.removeblockpile
  • housepoints.resetpoints
  • housepoints.querypoints And there's also the housepoints.admin for /addpoints and /removepoints.


This plugin uses MetricsLite, the limited-functionality version of McStats Metrics system. MetricsLite will track statistics and usage values about this plugin. Only the default values from Metrics (the one listed on Metrics' page) are tracked, such as number of players on your server, which version of the plugin you're using, amongst other things. Data collection shouldn't have any impact on the plugin's usage. If you want to opt out of data collection, you can toggle the "opt out of metrics" option in the config.yml file of this plugin's folder.

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