usage: /hothreload

Reloads the configuration and all custom files. The and default.ll files in "custom/" are overwritten with fresh copies.


usage: /hothexport filename [maskid]

requires: WorldEdit plugin

Exports the selected cuboid region into a schematics file. This is useful if you want to build a schematics ingame and then export it to a file for the terrain generator to use instead of hacking it together in a text editor.

maskid is optional. Any blocks with this ID will be stored as "-1" in the schematics file. "-1" blocks are treated as empty and won't be rendered by the terrain generator.

Note that the filename must have the ".sm" ending for the plugin to see it.

Use a wooden axe to make the cuboid selection. Alternatively you can turn on WorldEdit cuboid selection in the config.


usage: /hothsavell filename

Save the named loot list.

Note that the filename must have the ".ll" ending for the plugin to see it.

If you export "default.ll" then the internal loot list will be saved. The next time you start the server or executes /hothreload the exported "default.ll" loot list will be used instead of the internal one. This is useful if you want to modify the default loot list.


usage: /hothregion [info|flag|remove] [parameters...]

Access the hoth region commands. Note that WorldGuard must be installed to use these commands. The regions worldguard priority and passthrough flags are respected. The flags of the region with the highest priority that doesn't have passthrough set to allow is used.

/hothregion info [region]

Shows all hoth flags for the specified region that are set.

/hothregion flag [region] [flag] [value]

Sets the value of the flag in the specified region. Specify a bogus flag to get a list of flags.

/hothregion remove [region]

Removes all hoth flags from the given region


usage: /hothinfo

Shows some information about the plugin


usage: /hothlist [int|ext]

List all available schematics


usage: /hothpaste [int|ext] schematic [north|east|south|west]

Paste a schematic into the world. Use this to test your schematics without having to find them in your generated world.


usage: /hothundo

Undo the last schematic paste


usage: /hothaddworld worldname [hoth|tatooine|dagobah]

Add a new world to the configuration


usage: /hothdelworld worldname

Delete a world from the configuration


usage: /hothsetworldtype worldname [hoth|tatooine|dagobah]

Set the world type


usage: /hothsetworldflag world flag value

Set a flag for a hoth world. Due to the large amount of flags you cannot list them via a command. Look in the advanced options section in config.yml for a complete list of flags.


usage: /hothworldinfo world

Prints information about a hoth world