This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

This world generator creates a real ice world that isn't just normal land covered with snow.

The plugin can actually generate more world types from the star wars movies (Tatooine, Dagobah and Mustafar worlds) but those are not described in detail here. You are left to explore and find all their secrets on your own.

Server for play testing:

Dynmap renders

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This generator produces an icy world with a thick ice and snow layer and the occasional snow covered mountain. Hidden below you might find tiny caves where life that once inhabited the surface still survives and perhaps you'll find strange structures left over from some ancient civilization.


It also applies some extra rules to the world:

  • Ice block, packed ice blocks and snow blocks drops as blocks
  • Water placed in open air or above a certain level instantly freezes
  • Lava placed in open air or above a certain level is turned into stone
  • snow and ice does not melt
  • No rain falls, only snow
  • Plants doesn't grow if exposed to the sky
  • Grass and mycelium dies under open sky if it can't spread into safety
  • Slime does not spawn naturally above the stone layer
  • Stay out at night and you will take damage from the cold

All rules are fully optional by editing the advanced options section in the configuration file.

Players can don an environment suit to protect themselves from the environment.

  • Simply wear full armour with each piece with a name starting with Environment

Commands to create a world:

STEP 1: You must add a new world to the HothGenerator configuration. This is done using the /hothaddworld command.

/hothaddworld worldname type

Where "worldname" is the name of your world and "type" is one of hoth, tatooine, dagobah or mustafar.

STEP 2: Create the actual world.

If you are using the excellent MultiWorld plugin you can create a new world like this:

/mw create worldname plugin:HothGenerator
/mw load worldname

Do note that you should use the nether for the mustafar world. Use plugin_nether above.

And for Multiverse:

/mv create worldname normal -g HothGenerator

or for a mustafar world:

/mv create worldname nether -g HothGenerator


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