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What is Hot Potato?

Hot potato is a plugin in a league of its own. Players love the high paced action and thrills that this awesome mini-game provides, making it the perfect game for any server!

How do you play?

All players join a arena with speed potion effect. One Player randomly spawns with a potato in there inventory. They have 10 seconds (Configurable) to give up the potato by right clicking a player. The player who has the potato will have a TNT block on his head, and will also be shooting fireworks. If he hits another player, that player becomes the potato. Whoever has the potato at the end of the timer blows up and is sent to the spectator box. When one player is left, they will get 10 (Configurable) credits which he can use to spawn in perks before a game.

Problems or Requests

Want to request a feature or tell me a bug? At the top of the page click "tickets", then "Post a Ticket" on the right of the page. Please include your issue or what you want added.


This plugin is still in beta. I am releasing the beta builds for people to help me with errors and testing. Some commands might crash your server or might not work.

Github | Source Code

Visit the link here. Note: I put the plugin on github for learning. Not for people stealing my code, please ask me if you want to use some of my code, I will happily say yes.


Follow me on twitter to have updates on when videos are coming out and updates on the plugin! Visit the link here.

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