This plugin adds two new gamemodes to arenas: HostageArena & VipArena

  • Either team can capture the VIPs.
  • One team guards the hostages while the other team attempts to rescue them.

Inspired by Counterstrike & SOCOM US Navy Seals.

So, what is so great about having alternate gamemodes, like CTF, Demolition, Conquest, & Extraction ? Well, they're fun and they add interesting new elements of game play. Each one with their own strategies involved. For example, let's consider an 8v8 where it's down to 1 person left on the other team. That last person cannot simply run and hide in order to gain a tie, because you can simply guard/rescue the hostages to win (depending on which team you're on).

Consequently, there are several ways to win an ExtractionArena:

  1. Eliminate the other team.
  2. Guard the hostages and let the time expire (HostageArena only).
  3. Rescue the hostages by bringing them to the extraction point.
  4. Trick the other team into killing the hostages.
Extraction Point
this is a designated area and agreed upon safe zone that the helicopters will meet you at in order to extract the hostages.

Basically, helicopter pilots will not land inside an enemy base because it's too hostile of an environment. So you'll have to setup 1 or more extraction points that the pilots will meet you at (less hostile areas). You can configure a custom ExtractionTimer which is the amount of time it takes the helicopters to arrive. For example, an ExtractionTimer of ZERO means that the helicopter is waiting at the extraction point, and any hostages taken there will be immediately rescued. Any value greater than zero means that the extraction team will have to call into Special Operations Command and report that they have successfully rescued 1 or more hostages. The call is made automatically when you arrive at the extraction zone: at which time, Special Operations Command will deploy the helicopters to your location.

During the ExtractionTimer, the opposing team will have an opportunity (that much time) in order to re-aquire control of the hostages.

What's cool about this gamemode is that cuts down on "spray N pray" and you have to be cautious with your grenades because if either side accidentally kills 2 out of 3 hostages, then you will lose. So there are several strategic options available to players: You can simply stay back in a hostage room and camp with the hostages, and let time expire to win. You could roam around the map with 1 or more hostages and trick the other team into accidentally killing off the roaming target (because they think it's an opponent). Or you could even use the hostages as human shields, which adds incentive to the Special Operations Team to have at least 1 sniper and/or concussion grenades that will stun targets, but NOT kill hostages.

Obviously, because the Guards can win by simply letting time expire, this gamemode should NOT have infinite respawn.


  1. download the HostageArena.jar
  2. put it in your 'plugins' folder
  3. install BattleArena
  4. (optional) install BattleTracker

Arena Setup:


HostageArenaConfig.yml VipArenaConfig.yml arenas.yml

Commands & Permissions

  • Nodes that start with extraction. are generally Admin commands.
  • Nodes that start with vips. are generally regular player commands.
  • Commands for VipArena are /vips
  • Commands for HostageArena are /hostage (same permission nodes)
/vips joinarena.join.extractionEnter the arena.
/vips leavearena.leaveExit the arena.
/vips statsvips.statsDisplays your own personal HostageArena stats.
/vips stats <player>vips.stats.otherDisplays another players stats.
/vips stats top Xvips.stats.topDisplays the HostageArena Leaderboard.
/vips spawnvips <arena>extraction.spawnvipsAdds a spawn location for the hostages (aka VIPs).
/vips setConfig <option> <value>extraction.setconfigUsed to change options in the config.yml
/vips listConfigextraction.listconfigUseful reference to see all the config.yml options.
/vips debugextraction.debugToggles debugging mode on/off.
/vips vote <player> to kick a player out of HostageArena. Used to remove a player that is killing Hostages on purpose and no Admins are online.
/vips kick <player>extraction.kickAdmin cmd to kick a player out of HostageArena. Used by Admins to remove a player that is killing Hostages on purpose.
/vips ban <player>extraction.banBans a player from joining HostageArena. Used by Admins to prevent problem players from joining a HostageArena.

How to display stats on your website

CrackShot Integration

How to install guns on your BombArena server

Single Player Testing

Want to quickly jump into a HostageArena and test it out ? So you can get a feel for it ?

  • download VirtualPlayers2
  • Commands: (dc stands for do command)
  • dc <FakePlayerName> <command> [arguments]
  • dc tester connect
  • dc tester vips join
  • dc tester2 hostage join


I'm not accepting monetary donations, but if you wish to donate your time to this project, I will gladly accept!

How can you help ?

  1. Test out HostageArena and give suggestions and feedback.
  2. Make a video (like how to setup a HostageArena & VipArena).
  3. Build custom arenas and share them with the Minecraft community! (post on the forums).
  4. I would also love to see some replicas of the classic arenas from SOCOM US Navy Seals! (which inspired me to create this plugin).
  5. Contribute code and/or ideas.

Alternatively, you can support my favorite developers:


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