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The 1.6 update, dubbed "The Horse Update" was all about horses. With this plugin we decided to take horses to the next level. By giving them new skills and abilities horses take on a whole new light as a players companion but also as a very valuable in-game tool. Skills are attached to horses and in this way, allow horse to become even more unique. As horses have become even more special, we also include new ways to protect your horse through ownership. Unlike just using a name tag, players must grow a bond to a horse to become its owner. This way, players don't run around claiming every horse they see and are more likely to focus on training a few good horses. We also will include a system of warping to allow players to teleport to places with their horse. This is only the first in a line of Horse plugins meant to expand the world of Minecraft through horses.


(Just a few)

  • News skills for horses.
  • Ability to bond to a horse (ownership)
  • Teleporting with a horse.


(Just a few)

  • Agility
  • Inteligence
  • Strength


Tell us what it needs! We have many ideas and only a few are displayed above! We are open to all advice and suggestions so don't be shy! We are just beginning to code but we have lots of time and should be done within a week or two.


If you like my work feel free to support me. I love making plugins but this is a great way to motivate me to make certain changes or updates! Thanks for using my plugins and being awesome!



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