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  • Fixed potion exploits
  • Added /h give admin command
  • Added horses.set.admin permission


Download here
  • Added safeguards against duplication of horses/items
  • Fixed CancelSummonOnMove


Download here
  • Updated for CraftBukkit 1.7.2


Download here
  • Make sure floating point numbers are inserted into the MySQL database correctly
  • Added support for saving horse speed


  • Fixed /h type <horsetype> requiring actual type names

v1.1.4 Download here
  • Added support for transferring data between database types
  • /h summon now summons the first horse if the player does not have a last active horse
  • Fixed issue with listing horses when horse display names are changed
  • Truncates floating point numbers manually to prevent errors inserting horses into a MySQL database


Download here
  • Moved some config settings to the correct place
  • Prevent horses from having invalid health settings
  • Added a fix for older horses having 0.0 JumpStrength (Can disable in config if you don't want this fixed)


Download here
  • Fixed error when creating new MySQL table
  • Fixed wild horse claim prices


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  • Fixed error on startup


  • Added support for 'Stable Groups' which allows different horses for different worlds
  • Fixed horses being duplicated when a player dies
  • Make sure jump strength is saved when a horse is dismissed
  • Added settings to allow for denying commands
  • Added setting to cancel summoning on player movement
  • Unload stables when the plugin is disabled and when the player gets kicked
  • Improved horse finding algorithm



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  • Fixed horses not starting with saddles


  • Fixed another issue with generating the header in the global config
  • Fixed NoCheatPlus preventing horses being hurt in PVP allowed zones


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  • Fixed missing configuration header
  • Fixed starting metrics in the wrong place


  • Fix JumpStrength not defaulting to 0.7 on older horses
  • Moved horse type permissions under 'horses.set.user' to make it easy to deny them all
  • Prevent horse data being loaded from Dismiss task
  • Added transferable damage from horse to rider


Download here
  • Added multi-world + advanced permission support via configurations
  • Added storage for jump strength of horses
  • Allow the prevention of deleting specific horse types on death
  • Added an optional cost for claiming wild horses
  • Added argument to types command to show horse type info
  • Fixed issue with being able to have multiple summons at once
  • Added MySQL support
  • Added a way to free up restrictions on usable characters for commands (Should let you use special non-english characters)
  • Strip spaces from horse names and replace them with underscores



Download here
  • Fixed error with horse type permissions


  • Updated to use the Bukkit API
  • Fixed duplication issues
  • Now stores mule and donkey chest contents!!!
  • Added option to keep or drop a horses equipment
  • Prevent non-deleted horses from dropping EXP or leather on death



  • Fixed a small memory leak
  • Deletes empty stables from the disk
  • Fixed a bug which allows players to set names of length 0


Download here
  • Added a toggle to dismiss horses when the player teleports
  • Added the ability to change horse type Display names
  • Added some sub-command aliases (See /h help)
  • You can not type /h summon and your last active horse will be summoned
  • Horses ARE protected in all situations where the owner would be protected
  • Fixed an error which prevents you from summoning your horse
  • Added a bypass for horse spawning to allow for horses to be summoned in protected areas


  • Updated for 1.6.2



  • Added support for Claiming WILD horses!!! (Right click them with a NameTag)
  • Fixed an issue with colour codes which allowed players to have more than one horse with the same name
  • Added configurable max horse name length
  • Added a configurable cooldown for summoning horses after they die
  • Added aliases for /horses - /h and /horse
  • Listens for spawns and fixes the bukkit entities for Horses
  • Fixed an error in one of the messages (And possible future issues with others)


  • Fixed exception when horses die without being owned
  • Added a reload command!!


  • Fixed another issue with the HorseDismissTask
  • Fixed an issue with having normal horses with chests (Crashes MC client when they mount the horse)


  • Fixed the issue with the HorseDismissTask


  • Added a flag to remove my name from the /horses command :(
  • Added a task to remove horses which go to far way from their owners
  • Added support for remembering chest states (Note: Does not remember contents yet)
  • Fixed colour/formatting permissions not working in buy command


  • Added support for disabling commands in all but the defined world guard regions
  • Fixed an issue with horses which have similar names (e.g. Shadow And ShadowHorse)
  • Added the /horses delete <HorseName> command
  • Added a way to make horses Invincible
  • Added a config to only have horses deleted when a player kills them
  • Fixed Horse types not appearing with /horses list
  • Fixed /horses list [player] showing Your Horses: when your actually looking at someone else's horses.
  • Added support for & Colour codes for horse names!!! (Uses the permissions horses.colour and horses.formattingcodes)



  • Now teleports horses when a player teleports away
  • Added a way to protect horses from burning


  • Fixed issues with saving horse armour


  • Fixed possible issues with /horses summon command
  • Fixed an error when vault is missing
  • Added VIP max horses


  • Fixed error with /horses heal when no heal amount is specified
  • Added config settings to allow you to change what can hurt owned horses
  • Fixed not listening to horse deaths


  • Fixed adding saddles to horses
  • Fixed summoning horse message
  • Added support for storing horse armour


  • Added a message to tell uses their horse is being summoned (Broken)
  • Fixed Economy + Dismiss command not being registered


  • Fixed not loading saddle data from the database
  • Added a new command /horses dismiss dismiss/despawns the players currently spawned horse


  • Added a message when trying to interact with another persons horse


  • Fixed RequireNameTagForRenaming not actually requiring a name tag


  • Added support for storing saddle status


  • Fixed horse type permissions for /horses buy
  • Fixed the permission for /horse list which lets players list other players horses