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    Aug 3, 2019
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.14
  • 1.13
  • 1.12
  • 1.11
  • 1.10
  • 1.9
  • 1.8.1
  • 1.8
  • CB 1.7.9-R0.2
  • CB 1.7.9-R0.1


Version 4.3.57
Fixed max health
Fixed saving horse health amount

Version 4.3.56
Included source code.
Fixed error on startup for messages.

Version 4.3.55
Updated messages.yml to include scoreboard stats

Version 4.3.54
Fixed b that breaks updater
Fixed updater to ignore letters in update titles

Version 4.3.53b
Fixed 1.13 support

Version 4.3.53
Updated to 1.14
Updated to Maven
Fixed issue where banished horses could not be summoned due to a entity-checking glitch

Version 4.3.52
Revamped spawnedHorse calls. New methods are now used to make the code a bit cleaner.
Fixed CC Error.

Version 4.3.51b
Fixed vulnerability when horses are saved to database.

Version 4.3.51
Edited logging system so it shows the amount of horses loaded, and not just print out all of the names
Fixed perma-death system so you can no longer check stats for horses that have died

Version 4.3.50
Added constant UUID checking for getting horses and a 'spawned' variable to keep track of spawned entities. Just make sure another plugin doesn't despawn horses without killing them.

Version 4.3.49
Rewrote entity handling system. If the horse is no longer valid, the system will look through the world again to try and find it.

Version 4.3.48
Added ability to claim foals when claimed horses are breed.
Fixed error for claiming horses.
Fixed issue where player cannot pickup saddle on claimed horse.

Version 4.3.47
Fixed horse location verification
Fixed issue where horses would become unregistered on player quit/chuck despawn.

Version 4.3.46
Made max horse speeds customizable

Version 4.3.45b
Quickfix: Fixed autotaming util and permadeath systems

Version 4.3.45
Added ability to disable scoreboard messages for chat or for scoreboard.
Added /h banishfor

Version 4.3.44
Made horse generation use base-minecraft's number generation for jump and speed

Version 4.3.43B
Quick fix: fixed FreeHorse not checking summoned horses.

version 4.3.43
Added system so two horses can't be named the same thing
Added more warnings in case horse cannot be loaded.
Fixed issue where horse name can be empty.
Reduced speed cap to 1.

Version 4.3.42
Fixed horse speeds when generating a new horse.
Fixed ChnestedHorse inventory
Fixed /h set command messages
Fixed possible corruption if one horse cannot be saved.

Version 4.3.41
Fixed horse speeds

Version 4.3.40
Fixed issue where players can buy horses, even if they don't own any

Version 4.3.39
Added ability to change horse speeds or jumping height
Added ability to see horse speed and jumping stats in the stats menu
Fixed tab for set commands

Version 4.3.38
Fixed NPE on log-out
Fixed NPE when dismounting the horse instantaneously

Version 4.3.37
Added ability to disable the 'database saved' message
Moved all global variables to the default config, as it should have been from the beginning.
Fixed saving the stored speed for horses
Added ability to disable logging of saving horses in the config.
Fixed issue where speed and jumping height were not saved correctly.

Version 4.3.36C
Fixed hasChest error

Version 4.3.36
Fixed API tag
Fixed Saddle take issue
Fixed issue where saddle was not correctly being taken from the player's inventory
Fixed issue where was remained tamed even if horse was not claimed

Version 4.3.35
Added more customizable messages
Fixed chest-saving error

Version 4.3.34
Fixed concurrentexception when banishing horses ondisable.

Version 4.3.33
Fixed debug code
Fixed message so amount is shown when horse is bought.

Version 4.3.32
Fixed LLamaClaim issue

Version 4.3.31
Fixed shop issue

Version 4.3.30
Added pre-support for 1.13
Fixed errors if player interacts with entities that are not horses, or if they are horses, if the player is not leashing them.

Version 4.3.29
Added disable-basegame-tame in case you do not want regular horses on your server.
Fixed claim-on-tame so it forces the user to put a saddle on the horse, so the player does not need to. This should make taming easier
Removed redundant code for permtoridelistener
cleaned up code

Version 4.3.28
Added ability to add or remove custom horse spawn names.
Changed TameToClaim to make sure players cannot ride horses if they have more horses than they are allowed to.
Changed PermToRide so there is a configurable message.

Version 4.3.27b
Fixed exception error for scoreboard health

Version 4.3.27
Fixed version in config.
Updated depend-downloader
Fixed 'currenthorse' so it is set to the horse the player last rode
fixed command messages for '/h breed' so it displayed "/h create"
/h me and /h stats now show in both the scoreboard and chat
Added confirmation message when changing names
Added /h stable
Fixed /h db error if itemstacks are stored as array
Fixed translated messages if db message is sent to console
Removed debug messages for stats menu
Fixed auto-update boolean in config.

Version 4.3.26
Added "PermToRide" feature to s users from riding horses that are not claimed IF the player does not have the mcmmohorses.claim permission.

Version 4.3.25
Disabled across-world banishment. Should stop ability to duplicate items.
Added support for mules and donkeys that carry things
Fixed issue where golden apples and carrots are not removed when healing horse.
Added ability to disable save timer by setting it to -1 in the config.
Fixed issue where HorseInventory may not have been able to be loaded by other plugins.
Added catch-all for horse spawning. If the horse's inventory could not be set, the items were given to the player.

Version 4.3.24
Stopped horses from being banished in non-loaded chunks.

Version 4.3.23
Added more messages to the message.yml.

Version 4.3.22
Added LLama support

Version 4.3.21
Added messages.yml

Version 4.3.20
Fixed constant claiming

Version 4.3.19
Made it so tab will add underscores to the horses name, making it easier to tab.
Fixed ClaimOnTaim

Version 4.3.18
Attempted to fix banish when warping to other worlds.
Fixed saving for multiple horses.

Version 4.3.17
Adding Gifting horses if OP

Version 4.3.16
Added level count to leader board

Versions 4.3.15
Added ClaimOnTame to the config as an optional feature. Enable it to require the user to claim the horse when taming.

Version 4.3.14
Added explanation on how to summon a bought horse.
Closed shop after clicking item

Version 4.3.13
Fixed NPE for scoreboard.

Version 4.3.12
Added shops
Fixed horse duplication

Version 4.3.11
Fixed Github updater

Version 4.3.10
Added github updaters
Fixed leaderboards
Looking into the horse-dissappearing act done when banish-on-quit is disabled

Version 4.3.9
//Added attribute support: Horse speed/jumphieght should stay the same across summons --Invalid. Seems there is no good way to keep and store this value
Fied /h stats menu
Added /h leaderboard
Fixed XP farming by standing on cactus at high levels. Though the XP system was never meant ot be balanced, this should help make sure you don't get redic' levels.

Version 4.3.8
Added githubUpdater
Fixed item duplication glitch when horses die

Version 4.3.7
Fixed updater

Version 4.3.6
Fixed horse duplication bug

Version 4.3.5
Fixed horse stat saving
Added BStats metrics.

Version 4.3.4
Fixed no horse config bug.
Added ability to disable horse breeding

Version 4.3.3
Fixed quit bug.

Version 4.3.2
Added '/h s' and '/h b' sub commands

Version 4.3.1
Fixed quit bug.

Version 4.3
Added option for disabling banishment.
Added auto save option
Added ability to disable banishment on reload and onQuit
Added more names
Added saving for inventories

Version 4.2
Added support for saving horses to a File
Added tab command support
Added a changelog.
Added saddle support (will only add horse saddles if the horse had a saddle when they despawned)
Fixed changing colors, styles, and types for horses
Added horse's name to stats scoreboard
Added support for other scoreboards.

Version 4.1

Fixed issue with version dependency. It should now be able to work on any update.
Fixed horse inventory issue: Saddles should now appear on all horse types.

Version 4.0

Ownership has been transferred to Zombie_Striker.
Added support from 1.8 up to 1.12.
Fixed Variance issue.

Version 3.1

Fixed buying/selling horses bug

Version 3.0

Added "/h addxp" and "/h delxp" commands
Added "/h set color" and "/h set style" commands
Added tons of new permission nodes
Added option to disable economy (config.yml)
Added option for summon/banish command costs (config.yml)
Added option for permanent horse deaths (config.yml)
Added banish timer option (config.yml)
Added maximum horse permission groups (config.yml)
Added extra names to the random name generator
Changed "/h delete" to "/h kill" and added it to default user permission
Fixed possibility for duplicate names (causes errors)
Owned horses are now sorted by highest power level then alphabetical order
Removed "/hr" command alias (my Horse Races plugin now uses the alias)
Packed with lots of love

Version 2.3

Added "/h buy" and "/h sell" commands
Enhanced "/h stats" command (uses scoreboard)
Fixed Golden Apples/Carrots (now each gives 5xp and 4xp respectively)
Fixed chat prefix ugly-ness
Fixed other logic errors

Version 2.2

Changed name (Horse RPG to mcMMO Horses)
Can use /h <command> instead of /hr <command> now
Added Vault integration
Added "/h claim" command to claim horses
Added more config.yml options (e.g. horse cost)
Disabled Trample ability (no easy way to fix it)
Wrath now gains xp by taking damage (like vitality)

Version 2.1

Re-worked skills (Swiftness, Agility, Vitality, Wrath)
Added new abilities (e.g. - Infuriate, Revitalize)
Added skill commands (e.g. - /hr swiftness)
Fixed multiple horse issues (can only summon one at a time)
Cleaned up lots of logic errors
Removed 'help.yml' to clean things up

Version 2.0

Added admin commands (breed, remove, set name/type)
Juggernaut now levels off of all types of damage
Agility no longer levels off of fall damage (unless the horse rolls)
Cleaned up some logic errors
Removed 'messages.yml' since it was basically useless

Version 1.2

Added configurable horse death timer
Enhanced and re-worked skills/abilities (added cooldowns)
Endurance skill now levels by 100 blocks traveled = 1xp
Swiftness still gives 3xp per sprint
Agility skill levels with "golden (full) jumps" = 1xp
Juggernaut xp per damage has been nerfed
Regeneration levels 4xp per golden apple, 3xp per golden carrot
Added and fixed event listeners
Re-worked code to prepare for future updates
Cleaned up code and logic statements

Version 1.1

Added skills (endurance, swiftness, agility, juggernaut, regeneration)
Added abilities (roll, sprint, dodge)
Added a database column for future updates
Enhanced code and fixed logic errors

Version 1.0

Initial release