Hopper Filter Simplified

This allows you to have specific hoppers only accept specific items without the need of redstone circuitry or complicated commands to limit what can go into a hopper.

Example of use for inventory sorting system without redstone.

Latest Version

v0.7.1 released 2013-09-20 for CB 1.6.2-R1.0


  • Allow hoppers to accept a single or group of items without the need of redstone circuit to control it
  • A full automatic sorting storage system in a very compact area can be easily created
  • A simple item frame with an item in it hung on a hopper is all you need to restrict the hopper to accept only one item type.
  • Allow a number of items to be accepted with a chest next to the hopper.
  • No commands to remember to be able to add/remove filters from hoppers.
  • Cache of filters is created to minimize any load on server. The cache is not stored between restarts, but is recreated with each server start as the hoppers need them.

Commands and Permissions

These commands are mainly for debugging, and are not needed to use the plugin.

/hfsclearcacheWill clear the hopper filter cache.
Cache will be automatically recreated as items move through the hoppers.
/hfsdebug <integer>Sets the debug level in the system log.
Allowed values are from 0 - 4.
The higher the number the more verbose the debug.
/hfsallowchestfilters <boolean>Sets if chests are allowed to be used to hold items for the filters in addition to item frames.hopperfiltersimplified.setchestfilter

Other Permissions

These permissions will control who is able to create, alter, or break hopper filters.

hopperfiltersimplified.build.*Can Place, Alter, and Break filters
hopperfiltersimplified.build.place.*Can place hoppers, item frames, and chests to create hopper filters
hopperfiltersimplified.build.place.chestCan place a chest next to a hopper to create a filter. *+*
hopperfiltersimplified.build.place.hopperCan place a hopper next to a chest to create a filter. *+*
hopperfiltersimplified.build.place.itemframeCan place an item frame on a hopper to create a filter
hopperfiltersimplified.build.alter.*Can rotate items on item frames, and alter chest contents that are part of hopper filters *+*
hopperfiltersimplified.build.alter.chestCan open a chest that is part of a hopper filter. *+*
hopperfiltersimplified.build.alter.itemframeCan rotate the item in the item frame on a hopper to create a filter
hopperfiltersimplified.build.break.*Can break hoppers, item frames, and chests that are part of hopper filters *+*
hopperfiltersimplified.build.break.chestCan break a chest next to a hopper that are part of hopper filter. *+*
hopperfiltersimplified.build.break.hopperCan break a hopper next to a chest or item frame that are part of hopper filter. *+*
hopperfiltersimplified.build.break.itemframeCan break an item frame on a hopper that are part of hopper filter
*+* Chest is only applicable if AllowChestFilters is set to true in the config.yml


The design of the plugin is to be as configuration-less as possible. The configl.yml has 2 options.

DebugLevel00,1,2,3,4The amount of debug information to display.
The higher the number, the more the log file will be spammed.
AllowChestFilterstruetrue,falseAdjacent chests will be searched for valid items to allow
Example config.yml file:

  DebugLevel: 0
  AllowChestFilters: true


For general questions, please ask in the forum for the plugin.
For reproducible bugs, create a ticket above.
Please include enough step information for me to reproduce it on my side.

Basic steps to try to see if problem resolves itself.

  1. Clear the cache with the command: hfsclearcache
  2. Does the issue still happen?

Change Log

please see: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/hopper_filter_simplified/pages/changelog/

External Resources

I am no longer using mcstats.org as it seems to be down and not working any more.
All code related to it has been removed.
Included in my plugin is a hook into mcstats.org to help get an idea of who uses this plugin.
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For details of this stats plugin, disable instructions, information collected, source code, etc. See my page: about mcstats.org

Source Code



  • Allow double chests if need arises
  • Squash any bugs that sneak in
  • Any suggestions that enhance the core goal of the plugin


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