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HoneyChest - Griefer traps.

version 1.4
If you used MCBans version 3.0-3.7, please use HoneyChest ver1.2
MCBans version 3.8-3.9, please use HoneyChest ver1.3,
MCBans version 4.0+, please use HoneyChest ver1.4


This plugin can be able to create chest of the honeypot. If a griefer tries to steal the items from this chest, online admins will be alerted and logged in the file. And optionally, HoneyChest can kick or ban griefer automatically.


  • Very easy to use
  • Supports Large-chest, dispenser and Furnace
  • Full logging of HoneyChest violations
  • Rollback chest's inventory when we detect the theft (Only use ItemID:data value)
  • Supports MCBans(ver 4.x), glizer, EasyBan, UltraBan and DynamicBan
  • Supports MCBans/glizer global type BAN
  • Supports run commands from console when plugin detect the theft
  • Changeable ban and kick/info reason
  • Customizable localize/language file

Planned updates:

  • Enable only specific items.
  • Chest owner system.
  • Support reputation(point/count) system.
    Please give me ideas!


  • Put the HoneyChest.jar into your plugin folder and reload/restart your server.
  • Open config.yml and make any changes you want, then reload/restart your server again.


  • honeychest.admin
    Allow creating/removing honeychest. (default: op)
  • honeychest.ignore
    Allow removing items from honeychest. (default: op)


  • /honeychest or /hc # To toggle creater mode.
  • /hc help # To see other sub-commands.

How to use:

You can now login and use /honeychest or /hc (need honeychest.admin(or OP) permission, at this time) to start the process of creating a honeychest. You will now be prompted to right click a chest, furnace, or dispenser with the tool you specified (default: Wooden shovel) to create a honeychest. You can put any items in the honeychest, but it's recommended you choose a shiny item - and make sure it doesn't look like obvious trap. You can keep selecting chests until you exit the honeychest creator mode by entering the /honeychest or /hc command again. To remove honeychest, player in creator mode right click the honeychest.


There is no way of catching the player close the chest immediately. So, this plugin keep the chest inventory when player opens the honeychest, and when player has made the action something after close the honeychest. Plugin will compare the two inventories of honeychest, and then detect whether there was a theft. If someone else opened the same honeychest during this time, plugin will not know who stole items. So, Can not be opened the honeychest that is already open (until it is compared).


Bugs and Feature Requests:

Use the Tickets tab to submit any bug reports or feature requests.


Full Changelog
Source - Github


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