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    Aug 25, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.3.1-R2.0


v1.7 - Aug 25, 2012

  • database upgrade: HSP will upgrade automatically, but to be safe you should backup your database before upgrading!
  • new strategies: SpawnLastLocation and SpawnLocalPlayerSpawn
  • new modes: ModeRememberSpawn and ModeRememberLocation
  • new WorldGuard mode: modeInRegion
  • Extensive direct Multiverse integration with many new modes and events
  • See example7 for example of new modes in action
  • New command system which allows HSP to map commands dynamically at runtime
  • New command system also fully enables "disabledCommands" feature so you can completely disable commands you don't want to use
  • Custom event commands (uses new command system)
  • Implemented new events "onRegionEnter" and "onRegionExit"
  • added "onNewPlayer" event for new players. If no result is returned, HSP will fall through to "onJoin" which maintains backwards compatibility
  • Ticket #133: added Spanish locale (thanks Consalvo!)
  • Ticket #123: added modeExcludeNewPlayerSpawn
  • Ticket #125: fix for Essentials conversion

Full Changelog

While all of the new features in this release have been tested individually as part of development, it has been a long dev cycle for this release and for the first week after release this should be considered 'beta' (I have flagged it as such).

If no significant reports of issues arise after a week that would require a new release to fix, I will then upgrade this to a full release status.