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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.2.5-R4.0


v1.6.1 - Jul 8, 2012

  • made strategies no longer case-sensitive in the configuration
  • added "nearestHomeOrSpawn" strategy
  • added some extra warnings to hopefully detect configuration issues and reduce the number of support tickets
  • added Portuguese translation (locale pt) - thanks @Traki08!
  • updated German translation (locale de) - thanks @Jobsti2!
  • new event "onNamedSpawnCommand" for controlling named spawn behavior
  • new strategies for controlling safe spawn and random spawn behavior: modeYBounds, modeNoWater, modeNoLilyPad, modeNoIce, modeNoLeaves
  • improvements to safe teleport to reduce occurance of non-safe teleports, especially noticeable with random strategies
  • added "dynmap.layer.homes.include-bed-home" and "include-named-homes" options (default home is always included). Check "config_defaults.yml" for syntax.
  • implemented player name best matching for several commands (/hlo, /homeo, /hi, /sho). /dho (delete) still requires exact match as a safety measure.

Full Changelog

If you see this message on startup:

[WARNING] [HomeSpawnPlus] Warning: no event strategy defined for event crossWorldTeleport

or this message when crossWorld teleporting:

[INFO] [HomeSpawnPlus] strategy result is null for event crossWorldTeleport. This could indicate a configuration mistake. Either include "default" as the end of your strategy chains to avoid this warning, or set core.warnNullStrategy in your config.yml to false

You can ignore them. This is a dev feature that snuck into the release, but it has no impact on HSP other than these annoying messages. If you want to make it be quiet, then just add these lines to you config.yml:

# config.yml
    - default