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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.2.5


v1.5 - April 15, 2012

  • refactored storage subsystem in preparation for home invite feature
  • coded full YAML backend on new storage subsystem; storage type YAML for individual YAML files per object (home/spawn/player) or YAML_SINGLE_FILE for a large single data file. YAML storage types are cached in memory for fast, efficient access. You can use the backup/restore feature to backup an existing SQL database, then convert to YAML and restore if you want to switch.
  • Ticket #28: home invite feature enhancement. Local testing works good, but needs mass-testing so I'm looking forward to feedback on this feature. Read the documentation.
  • Ticket #77: show MC spawn (use /spawnlist -m)
  • added /setmapspawn for changing a map's spawn point (not really useful for HSP in any way, just a general utility command)
  • added /groupquery command for troubleshooting group problems
  • added /homelistother command to list other people's homes (permission: hsp.command.homelistother, alias: /hlo)
  • BREAKING CHANGE: old-style permission "hsp.command.xxx.use" no longer works; use new-style "hsp.command.xxx" (old-style permission has been deprecated since 1.0 six months ago, finally cleaning up the code)
  • Ticket #72: fixed WorldGuard compatibility to work with newest WorldGuard 5.5 changes
  • added Dutch translation; locale nl (thanks @Dunncann!)

Full Changelog

Do not use the HomeInvite feature in 1.5, the command syntax has changed in 1.5.1 (for the better).


If you aren't using the HomeInvite feature, then 1.5 is just as good as 1.5.1, no need to update to 1.5.1.