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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.0.1-R1


v1.0 - November 27, 2011

NOTE, NOTE, NOTE!! This is ONLY for MC 1.0 on Bukkit builds #1464 or higher! (recommend latest #1519 and above!). Stay on HSP v0.9.1 until you've upgraded to #1464 or higher!**

  • added ability for HSP to have multiple named homes per world (if you give your players access to /sethome)
  • added config options to limit the number of homes globally, per-world or per-permission group (defaults to 1 per world, which maintains the same behavior as before this feature was added)
  • added per-world event control capabilities, so that you can define an event strategy chain that takes place only on a specific world
  • added per-permission event control capabilities
  • added new "onGroupSpawn" event type so that admins can define custom strategy chains even for /groupspawn
  • many new strategies added, see web strategy doc for full details
  • strategy "modes" added, which modify how existing strategies work to provide additional flexbility and control
  • changed base command permission to no longer need ".use" suffix. ".use" suffix is deprecated but still works for now.
  • new strategies required some small DB schema changes, added additional code to make DB upgrade seamless even for SQLite users
  • updated configuration to use Bukkit's new preferred YamlConfiguration classes (This is where the 1.0 requirement comes from)
  • fixed a bug that prevented groupspawn from working properly
  • added a "config_defaults.yml" file which will always contain the most current plugin defaults (for admin's reference)
  • new user commands added: /homelist, /deletehome, /setdefaulthome, /homeother
  • new op commands added: /sethomeother, /homedeleteother

v1.0 upgrade instructions

If you just want to be up on the latest bug fixes and such, you can just drop in 1.0 and go, there should be no change to how your existing setup works (please let me know if you find otherwise).

However, this is a fairly major update with lots of new features, so here's the news if you want to access some of those new features:

  • There are a few new permissions and several new commands, please review the Permission guide and new commands.
  • There are SQL schema changes, but I put a lot of work into the upgrade process so now both MySQL and SQLite should upgrade with no effort on your part.
  • Lots of new functionality means new config files. Since I'm using the new Bukkit config, defaults are set automatically and so if you don' t want to change anything, you don't have to do anything at all.
  • The default config settings are now copied into "plugins/HomeSpawnPlus/config_defaults.yml", give it a look if you want access to the new features. Also I have beefed up the config web documentation significantly.
  • I am working on even more web documentation to cover from even the simplest setup (one bed per world) to some of the craziest/complex ones that people have come up with.

Full Changelog