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About Homes ▼

The purpose of using Homes is to make simple move using commands and to set the respawn location. First, you use the setting command to set the place where you are location as the point called home. Then you can move to the set home using the command for movement. Also, if you dead, you can respawn to that home.

More Information - HomesPages (Command Descriptions)


Homes Features ▼

  • If you are default player 
    • If you dead, you can respawn to your set home
    • You can set home and move to your set home with command
      • The default home
      • The named home
      • The player's home (move only)
      • The player's named home (move only)
    • You can check the home list
    • You can check the command list
    • You can delete the home
    • You can set your home private or public
    • You can invite the other player to your home
    • You can reload this plugin if you have admin permission NEW! (0.9.0)
  • If you are administrator of server
    • You can restrict several features by Homes' configuration file
      • the named home feature
      • the player's home feature
      • the respawn home feature
      • the number of named homes can be set
      • the private home feature
      • the invitation feature
      • the home display feature
      • the displayed language changing feature NEW! (0.9.0)
      • the teleport delay feature NEW! (0.10.1)
    • You can set fee for command execution by fee.json file
      • Vault and a Economy Plugin are required
    • You can use some commands from your server console NEW! (0.9.0)
      • help command
      • reload command
      • list command


Features Coming Soon ▼

  • Useful commands for administrators
  • Teleport to the last dead place NEW!
  • User group setting NEW!
  • Custom language templates NEW!


Bug Report / Feature Request ▼

I try my best to perform as many user tests as possible, but occasionally bugs do squeak through. If you have found a bug, or perhaps just have a feature request, please create an issue on Github.


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