This tutorial will explain you how to use symbols and add custom ones.

Default symbols

  •  [x] = █
  •  [/] = ▌
  •  [.] = ░
  •  [..] = ▒
  •  [...] = ▓
  •  [p] = •
  •  [|] = ⎹ (thin vertical bar)

How to add custom symbols

Open the file "placeholders.yml". Each line associates a placeholder with one or more symbols.
1)  Choose a symbol (this is a really good website)
2)  Find its code. For example, the hex code of this symbol is U+2588.
3)  Format the hex code like so: \u2588 (This is how java is able to see the symbol)
4)  Add it to the file and reload the plugin.

Quick example

You want to add this symbol to a hologram. Let's choose a placeholder: [#]. Now we find the code of that symbol in the linked page: U+2318. Add this line to placeholders.yml:

[#]: \u2318

Now you can add that symbol in a hologram by simply using [#].