Commands and permissions



  • The permission to use all the commands is holograms.* (if your permissions plugin supports it)
  • Individual permissions for each commands are holograms.<subCommandName>
  • The permission to receive update notifications on join is holograms.update

About floating items

Setting a floating item as line is really simple, just use this format when changing/adding a line:

ICON: material:data

Example for red wool: "/hd addline hologram ICON: wool:15"
Click here for a list of valid materials (the format is case insensitive and you can omit underscores).

Holograms commands

/hologram (or /hd)
Main command of the plugin. Shows info about it, the version and the developer.

/hd help
Shows the main commands of the plugin, hovering on the commands will show help for each one.

/hd create <hologramName>
Creates a new hologram with the given name at your location. This name is used in the other commands.

/hd delete <hologramName>
Deletes a hologram.

/hd list [page]
Lists all the existing holograms and their locations.

/hd near <radius>
Lists all the near holograms in the given radius.

/hd teleport <hologramName>
Teleports you to the hologram.

/hd align <x|y|z|xz> <hologramToAlign> <referenceHologram>
Aligns the first hologram to the second in the given axis. For example, "y" aligns two holograms vertically, moving them to the same height, "xz" horizontally, moving them to the same x/z position.

/hd movehere <hologramName>
Moves a hologram to your feet.

/hd edit <hologramName>
Shows the command to modify an existing hologram.

/hd addline <hologramName> <text>
Adds a line of text to a hologram. Use {empty} as text to make an empty line.

/hd removeline <hologramName> <number>
Removes the <number> line (from top to bottom).

/hd setline <hologramName> <number> <newText>
Changes the <number> line (from top to bottom). Use {empty} as newText to make an empty line.

/hd insertline <hologramName> <number> <text>
Inserts a line after the <number> line (from top to bottom). If 0, it will be added before the first line. Use {empty} as text to make an empty line.

/hd info <hologramName>
Prints the content of a hologram with line numbers.

/hd readtext <hologramName> <fileWithExtension>
Reads the lines from a text file. Create a file (for example logo.txt) and put it into the plugin's folder. Create a new hologram (for example named 'test') and then do /hd readlines test logo.txt to paste the text file's lines into the hologram.

/hd copy <hologramToCopy> <intoHologram>
Copies the content of the first hologram into the second one. After the command, they will be identical.

/hd readimage <hologramName> <imageWithExtension> <width> [-a]
Reads an image from the plugin's folder or from an URL (if the path starts with http://), with a given width (will be automatically resized, max width is 150 pixels). The symbol used will be taken from the config.yml. Transparent backgrounds are supported, you can choose in the config.yml what string should be used as space.
I recommend using " [|] " as space and the color &7 for transparency, because it has the same width as the block symbol "[x]" (if you didn't change the placeholders). You can also use a double space, but the image will not be perfectly aligned.
Use the flag "-a" somewhere in the command to append the image to the end instead of clearing the hologram.

/hd reload
Reloads the config files and the saved holograms.