Note: variables do NOT work in animations.

Creating an animation is really simple:

1) Open the folder /plugins/HolographicDisplays/animations/ and create a text file. I'll call it colors.txt.

2) In the first line write the speed in seconds, for example "speed: 0.1" (without double quotes). This is the fastest animation possible, it will change every 0.1 seconds.

3) Write all the animation frames in the following lines.
It may appear like this:

speed: 0.2

We've just recreated the rainbow color &u.

4) Save the file and reload the plugin.

5) Now you can use this animated text in your hologram by using "{animation: colors.txt}" (without quotes) in your holograms. E.g.: /hd addline hologram {animation: colors.txt}This text will be rainbow!