HolioTools provides a few general customization things such as join messages, playing a sound on join, quit messages, death messages, full caps prevention, alert staff to duplicate IP address, and limiting the number of people that can join from a single IP address. Plus a couple commands that either messing with people or to add some functionality to the game.

This is my first plugin, so don't make fun of me! ;) I am very open to new ideas! I originally developed this plugin for my own server, starting with a few basic commands that I wanted, and couldn't find. Slowly over the last 4 months, I have added more into my plugin as I explored the Bukkit API. I kept this as my own personal plugin until recently some of my players pushed for me to publish so they could have it too.

I put a large emphasis on customization, so a lot of the features can be customized just how you want them. (Able to enable/disable, set messages, etc)


  • Play a sound on the server when someone joins
  • Custom join messages
  • Custom quit messages
  • Custom death messages
  • Caps checking (Prevent full caps messages)
  • Duplicate IP alerts (With a white list)
  • Limit the number of players that can join from a single IP. (With a white list)
  • Miscellaneous commands that range from trolling to helpful admin tools.



  • As of v1.1 stats are collected! You may opt-out via /plugins/HolioTools/config.yml
  • The anonymous stats are collected for developer's use only and are not shared under any conditions.

Stats collected:

  • Java version
  • Server OS
  • Authentication mode (Online vs Offline)
  • System architecture
  • Number of CPU cores
  • Location of server (Country)
  • Server software (Bukkit vs Spigot, etc)
  • MC Version



  • Stop the server.
  • Place HolioTools.jar in your Plugins folder.
  • Start server
  • Edit /plugins/HolioTools/config.yml to your liking.
  • Remember to do /holiotools to reload the config!
  • Give the needed permissions to players.

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