HideStream v3.0


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    May 10, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.5.2


Version 3.0

  • Added a header to streamDB.yml.
  • Permission node 'hidestream.recieveUpdates' has been changed to 'hidestream.getupdates'.
  • Death messages will no longer be disabled by default.
  • Renamed 'PerPlayerToggle.AllowToEnable' to 'PerPlayerToggle.StreamEnabledByDefault' as it makes more sense.
    • Will convert your old settings automatically.
  • streamDB.yml will no longer be generated by default, you have to enable per player toggle for it to generate.
  • Fixed a RuntimeException occurring when attempting to check for an update without having an internet connection.
  • Reformated the commands page.
  • Reverted the typo 'fix' from v2.9... Don’t know what I was thinking when I did that.
  • Changed the per player toggle command from '/hs hideme' to '/hs toggle'.
    • Permission node for this command has not changed.
  • Fixed hidestream taking action according to the streamDB.yml even if PerPlayerToggle was disabled.
  • Fixed config.yml not being generated properly if it did not exist when attempting to reload it.
  • Fixed permissions handling when using Vault not being appropriately handled if no supported permissions plugin by Vault was found.
  • Changed streamDB.yml format.
    • Will convert automatically to new format.
  • Overall code cleanup.
  • Supports 1.5.2 and Vault v1.2.25

The streamDB.yml convertion has only been tested with a small amount of users, also it will only convert users that has previously played at the server.