This plugin was made for my small and sometimes crowded hub servers and offers very basic features.


  • Hide and show all players with commands.
  • Hide players by hitting them *Note PVP must be enabled.
  • Left click while holding a custom item (default is a clock) to hide all online players.
  • Right click while holding a custom item (default is a clock) to show all online players.
  • Customize cool-down delay between uses to prevent spamming.
  • Custom messages given when hiding, showing and when on cooldown.
  • New permission node to allow players to be ignored when others try to hide or show them.
  • Custom messages can now include colours. Please use '&' not $ or ยง


  • /hideall - Hide all online players *Note new players that join or re-connect will be shown.
  • /showall - Shows all online players that where hidden. *Note except if they are OP.


  • hideall.hit - Allows players to hide the player they deal damage to. The damage event is cancelled
  • hideall.show - Allows access to command /showall and the item used
  • hideall.hide - Allows access to command /hideall and the item used
  • hideall.ignore - Players with this permission will be ignored when trying to hide or show them.

Minecraft Versions 1.3.* to 1.7.* and possibly future Versions.


  • Maybe bind the hide and show commands to the left and right click of an item. v0.4
  • Make the hide players when punched work without PVP enabled.
  • Add config options to customize the messages and cool-down. v0.5
  • Add config option to customize the item held. v0.5
  • Add cool downs v0.4
  • Support colours in custom messages.
  • FIX colours in custom messages. (if the first character is a colour the message not save) v0.7

Bold text = New feature or change


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