HG Abilities

HG Abilities

- Have you ever wanted mcpvp's hunger game kits? Well this plugin gives you the ability to have the mcpvp's hunger games kits abilities.

There are NO commands in this plugin


- Allow them to switch positions with snowballs when they hit a player with a snowball: mcpvp.switcher

- Allow them to use the fisherman kit ability: mcpvp.fisherman

- Allow them to use the grappler kit ability: mcpvp.grappler

- Allow them to use the endermage kit ability: mcpvp.endermage

- Allow them to use the worm kit ability: mcpvp.worm

- Allow them to use the thor kit ability: mcpvp.thor

- Allow them to use the flash kit ability: mcpvp.flash

- Allow them to use the phantom kit ability: mcpvp.phantom

- Allow them to use the kangaroo kit ability: mcpvp.kangaroo

- Allow them to use the stomper kit ability: mcpvp.stomper

  • bypass stomper permission: mcpvp.stomper.bypass

- Allow them to use the pyro kit ability: mcpvp.pyro

- MORE HG Kits coming soon!


- Download Plugin

- Put in plugins folder of server

- Start up server

- Play around with it! You now have the hg kit abilities! :D

MCPVP HG Kits included

Mcpvp Switcher:

Throw a snowball at a player. If it hits the player you will switch places with them. You will take their spot and they will take yours. Switching positions.

Mcpvp Grappler:

Use a fishing rod to a location or player/mob/animal and you will get pulled toward it.

Mcpvp Fisherman:

Throw a fishing rod onto a player. If it hits the player, when you reel it in that player will teleport to you.

Mcpvp EnderMage:

Place a portal block below a player. The player almost directly above it will teleport to the portal block, and so will you.

Mcpvp Worm:

Break a block of grass or dirt, this will give the player a food level.

Mcpvp Thor:

Right click with a wooden axe in your hand and it will spawn lighting where you're looking(cooldown)

Mcpvp Kangaroo:

Click with a firework in your hand!

Mcpvp Phantom:

Right click a feather in your hand!

Mcpvp Flash:

Right click with a redstone torch in your hand, and you'll teleport to wherever your looking at!

  • This ability as well may give you weakness, and will strike lightning where you get teleported to, also has configurable cooldown and max distance(configurable as well)

Mcpvp Stomper:

Right click leather boots! Configure everything from config!

Mcpvp Pyro:

Right click a fireball!

Much Much more also coming soon!




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